1st Edition

Vaccination Strategies of Tropical Diseases

By F. Y. Liew Copyright 1989

    This work in the field of tropical medicine provides an in-depth review in the development of vaccines against some of the most debilitating tropical diseases. In this multi-contributed, three-part book, with clear and ample illustrations, the reader will gather useful data and guidance to further his study in the field.

    NEW ASPECTS OF VACCINE DEVELOPMENT. Introduction. Pro-tein Subunit Vaccines and Recom-binant DNA Technology. Vaccinia Virus as a Carrier of Vaccine Antigens. Live Attenuated Salmonella Vaccines as Carriers of Antigens to the Secretory and Systemic Immune Systems. Peptide Vaccines. Idiotype Vaccines. Ad-juvants. Immunological Considera-tions. VACCINES FOR TROPICAL DISEASES. Malaria. Schistosomiasis. Leprosy. Chagas' Disease. African Trypanosomiasis. Filariasis. Leishmaniasis. PERSPECTIVE. The Role of Vaccines for the Control of Human Parasitic Diseases. The Economics of Vaccines. The Role of the World Health Organization. Index


    F.Y. Liew

    "...a comprehensive and invaluable addition to the literature..."
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