Vagueness, volume XX, contains twenty-seven essays, with issues covered including: nihilism, phenomenal sorites, degrees of truth, epistemicism, higher-order vagueness, contextualism, and intuitionism. Written by leading contemporary philosophers, these essays will be of interest to researchers in philosophy of language, philosophical logic, metaphysics and epistemology; as well as those in natural language semantics, artificial intelligence and cognitive science more generally. A substantial introduction written by the editors provides a guide to the topic and to the essays in the volume.

    Contents: There are no ordinary things, Peter Unger; On that which is not, Samuel C. Wheeler; Nostalgia for the ordinary: comments on papers by Unger and Wheeler, David H. Sanford. Sorites, Bertil Rolf; An argument for the vagueness of 'vague', Roy A. Sorensen. Observational Predicates: On the coherence of the vague predicates, Crispin Wright; Phenomenal colors and sorites, C.L. Hardin; Are vague predicates incoherent?, Christopher Peacock. Degrees of Truth: Degrees of belief and degrees of truth, R.M. Sainsbury; Validity, uncertainty and vagueness, Dorothy Edgington. Epistemicism: The sorites paradox, Richmond Campbell; What makes it a heap?, Timothy Williamson; Hat-tricks and heaps, W.D. Hart. Higher-Order Vagueness: Is there a higher-order vagueness?, R.M. Sainsbury; Is higher-order vagueness coherent?, Crispin Wright; Wright and Sainsbury on higher-order vagueness, Dorothy Edgington; A note on the logic of (higher-order) vagueness, Richard G. Heck Jr; On the structure of higher-order vagueness, Timothy Williamson; Why higher-order vagueness is a pseudo-problem, Dominic Hyde; Why the vague need not be higher-order vague, Michael Tye. Contextualism: The paradox of the heap, Hans Kamp; The liar and sorites paradoxes: toward a unified treatment, Jamie Tappenden; Vagueness without paradox, Diana Raffman. Intuitionism: Vagueness and alternative logic, Hilary Putnam; Hairier than Putnam thought, Stephen Read and Crispin Wright; A quick read is a wrong Wright, Hilary Putnam; Putnam on the sorites paradox, Timothy Williamson; Index.


    Delia Graff, Timothy Williamson