1st Edition

Validation of Dynamic Analyses of Dams and Their Equipment
Edited Contributions to the International Symposium on the Qualification of Dynamic Analyses of Dams and their Equipments, 31 August-2 September 2016, Saint-Malo, France

ISBN 9781138590175
Published June 18, 2018 by CRC Press
674 Pages

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Book Description

Validation of Dynamic Analyses of Dams and Their Equipment is the outcome of a three year cooperation program between CFBR (Comite Francais des Barrages et Reservoirs or French Committee on Large dams) and JCOLD (Japan Commission on Large Dams), and focusses on the dynamic behavior of concrete and embankment dams analyzed based on acceleration records of the JCOLD data base. The book covers a broad range of topics, including simplified and detailed methods of dynamic analysis for the seismic response of concrete and embankment dams compared with measured behavior. The response of embankment dams subjected to a 1.0 g foundation acceleration time history is computed by several analytical methods and compared. The modelling of stress-strain behavior of compacted soils for seismic stability analysis of earth-fill dams and its application for a failed earthfill dam is described. The cracking of the face slab of four faced rockfill dams during earthquakes is analyzed. The seismic behavior of concrete arch dams is discussed by the comparison of numerical and experimental results. Displacement-based seismic assessment of concrete dams is presented. Finally the book contains a comparison between the Japanese and French design criteria of gates and a comparison of the analysis of gates and field measurements.

Validation of Dynamic Analyses of Dams and Their Equipment will be useful to professional and academics involved or interested in dam engineering.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction

Analysis on acceleration data of dams collected by JCOLD
T. Sasaki, T. Ohmachi & N. Matsumoto

Practical guide for selecting seismic parameters and numerical models in earthquake analysis of dams
Z. Cao, N. Matsumoto, B. Tardieu, J.-J. Fry, E. Bourdarot & E. Robbe


Part 2: Validation of dynamic analysis of embankment dams


Lessons learn in seismic analysis of embankment dams during the JCOLD-CFBR symposia
J.-J. Fry & N. Matsumoto

Material properties and performance of embankment dams

Modelling of stress-strain behaviour of compacted soils for seismic stability analysis of earth-fill dams
F. Tatsuoka

Soil properties and seismic stability of old and new Fujinuma dams
F. Tatsuoka, T. Tanaka, K. Ueno, A. Duttine & Y. Mohri

Performance and analysis of the faced rockfill dams (AFRD and CFRD)
N. Matsumoto, H. Yoshida, T. Tsukada, M. Kashiwayanagi & H. Okumura

Evaluation of seismic performance of asphaltic concrete facing
Y. Nakamura & K. Narita

Validation of simplified analysis of embankment dams

A new simplified seismic stability analysis taking into account degradation of soil undrained stress-strain properties and effects of compaction
A. Duttine, F. Tatsuoka, T. Shinbo & Y. Mohri

Dynamic response of embankments on soft soils: A parametric study on the relevance of Sarma’s simplified method
C. Durand, E. Chaljub, P.-Y. Bard, L. Baillet, J.-J. Fry, R. Granjon & F. Renalier

A simplified method for estimating seismic performance of small homogeneous earth dams
L.-H. Luu, G. Veylon, S. Mercklé, C. Carvajal & P.-Y. Bard

The FR-JP simplified dynamic analysis—development and validation
J.-J. Fry, M. Jellouli & A. des Garets

Validation of analysis of embankment dams

Analyses on earthquake-induced settlement of the Aratozawa dam due to the 2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku earthquake, Japan
T. Ohmachi & T. Tahara

Comparison of linear and nonlinear earthquake response analyses of Aratozawa Dam
Z. Cao, N. Matsumoto, P. Kolmayer & J.-J. Fry

Elasto-plastic dynamic response of fill-type dams: Total stress and effective stress analyses
T. Tanaka

Effects of strong earthquakes on already strongly shaken rockfill large dams. Application to Aratozawa Dam (Japan)
B. Touileb, M. Roy, F. Andrian & G. Veylon

Investigation on the dynamic characteristics and seismic behavior of Aratozawa Dam
N. Matsumoto, N. Yasuda, M. Naruoka & Z. Cao

Dynamic analysis of Aratozawa dam including the effect of occluded air and pore fluid compressibility
L. Boutonnier & D. Mahmutovic

The reproduction analysis of Aratozawa dam during 2008 earthquake
N. Yasuda, N. Matsumoto, M. Naruoka & Z. Cao

Uncoupled elasto plastic dynamic response of dams
F. Lopez-Caballero & A. Modaressi-Farahmand-Razavi

Application of non-linear constitutive models to three-dimensional simulation analysis of Aratozawa Dam
S. Tsukuni, H. Ogino, N. Yasuda & N. Matsumoto


Part 3: Concrete dams

Introduction-Context-Main results

Framework, results and lessons learned from the CFBR-JCOLD cooperation on concrete dams
B. Tardieu, E. Bourdarot, E. Robbe, T. Sasaki & M. Kondo

Dynamic analysis, experimental and in-situ results, calibration and validation for concrete dams
E. Bourdarot, M. Kashiwayanagi & T. Sasaki

Dynamic records on dams

Characteristics of predominant frequency of an existing arch dam—for better safety assessment against seismic impact
M. Kashiwayanagi & H. Oonishi

Dynamic behavior of concrete dam: Lessons learned from the JCOLD database
E. Robbe & B. Pallu

Characterization of the dynamic behavior of an arch dam by means of forced vibration tests
J.P. Gomes & J.V. Lemos

Spatial variability of the seismic ground motion at the dam-foundation interface of an arch dam
E. Koufoudi, E. Chaljub, F. Dufour, N. Humbert, E. Robbe & E. Bourdarot

Comparison between numerical analyses and seismic records on dams

3-D reproduction analysis of the Kasho concrete gravity dam during the October 6, 2000 earthquake
T. Sasaki, Y. Ozawa & N. Matsumoto

Seismic behaviour of Monticello Dam: A comparison between numerical results and experimental measures
G. Faggiani & P. Masarati

Seismic analyses of concrete dams—comparison between finite-element analyses and records
E. Robbe

Effects of radiative boundary conditions on seismic analyses of gravity dam
F. Andrian & P. Agresti

Simplified analyses for gravity dam

Prediction of gravity dams behavior under strong earthquakes (Part I)
B. Tardieu, A. Beraki & A. Si-Chaib

Prediction of gravity dams behavior under strong earthquakes (Part II): Application to Beni-Haroun dam
A. Si-Chaib, B. Tardieu, M.-K. Abidi, X. Molin & P. Lignier

Towards displacement-based seismic assessment of concrete dams
A. Andonov, A. Iliev & K. Apostolov

Improving gravity dams simplified models: Why we should go on
S. Mével


Part 4: Seismic validation of equipment

A comparison of mechanical design criteria for gates, between Japan and France, and their relevant consequences on earthquake resistance
P. Bouquier & M. Kashiwayanagi

Seismic analysis characterizing the behavior of one of "H72" dam’s spillway gates: Test/calculation comparison
D. Graveleine & V. Lhuillier

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Jean-Jacques Fry works at Électricité de France, Centre Ingeniérie Hydraulique (EDF-CIH) in Le Bourget-du-Lac, France & EURCOLD Working Group on Dams and Earthquakes.

Norihisa Matsumoto works at the Japan Commission on Large Dams (JCOLD) in Tokyo, Japan.