1st Edition

Varieties of Capitalism Over Time

    This book looks at how varieties of capitalism emerge over time and across different geographies, and is comprised of submissions from scholars around the globe. Covering a wide range of territories including Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia across both the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this edited volume considers the roles that the state and business working together play in the emergence of different economic systems. Whilst most analyses focus on identifying different types of capitalism, the chapters in this volume instead focus on how these different types develop, the drivers of their emergence, and the people and organisations behind the developments. The geographical spread of analyses allows the reader to delve into how different countries have managed and even created their economic systems providing comparative insights into our understanding of how different national economic models develop over time.

    This book was originally published as a special issue of Business History.


    Varieties of Capitalism Over Time

    Niall G. MacKenzie, Andrew Perchard, Christopher Miller and Neil Forbes

    1. Shifts in government business relations: Assessing change using the restrictive business registers in the OECD, 1945-1995

    Martin Shanahan and Susanna Fellman

    2. Shaping the rules of the game: Spanish capitalism and the publishing industry under dictatorship (1939–1975)

    Maria Fernandez-Moya and Nuria Puig

    3. ‘No mutiny will be allowed’: business, the tax system and the Greek version of Mediterranean capitalism during dictatorship, 1967-1974

    Zoi Pittaki

    4. State intervention in East Asia’s varieties of capitalism: A case study of the electric power industry in China and Japan, 1882–1951

    Chenxiao Xia

    5. From state-owned smokestacks to post-industrial dreams: The Finnish government in business, 1970–2010

    Pasi Nevalainen and Ville Yliaska

    6. National institutions, regional outcomes. The political economy of post-war Swedish regional policy

    Martin Eriksson, Lena Andersson-Skog and Josefin Sabo

    7. Only one way to raise capital? Colombian business groups and the dawn of internal markets

    Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal

    8. Varieties of capitalism, competition policy and the UK alcoholic beverages industry

    Julie Bower

    9. ‘Settlers and comrades’. The variety of capitalism in South Africa, 1910–2016

    Grietjie Verhoef


    Niall G. MacKenzie is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business History at Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

    Andrew Perchard is Professor of Industry & Society at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, England, UK, and Honorary Research Professor at Otago Business School, University of Otago, New Zealand.

    Christopher Miller is Lecturer in Economic and Social History at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

    Neil Forbes is Professor of International History at Coventry University, England, UK.