Varieties of Memory and Consciousness : Essays in Honour of Endel Tulving book cover
1st Edition

Varieties of Memory and Consciousness
Essays in Honour of Endel Tulving

ISBN 9780805805468
Published April 1, 1989 by Psychology Press
464 Pages

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Book Description

These collected essays from leading figures in cognitive psychology represent the latest research and thinking in the field. The volume is organized around four "Endelian" themes: encoding and retrieval processes in memory; the neuropsychology of memory; classificatory systems for memory; and consciousness, emotion, and memory.

Table of Contents

Contents: Part I:Encoding and Retrieval Processes. H.L. Roediger, III, M.S. Weldon, B.H. Challis, Explaining Dissociations Between Implicit and Explicit Measures of Retention: A Processing Account. F.I.M. Craik, On the Making of Episodes. M.J. Watkins, Willful and Nonwillful Determinants of Memory. R. Ratcliff, G. McKoon, Memory Models, Text Processing, and Cue-Dependent Retrieval. B.B. Murdock, Jr., The Past, the Present, and the Future: Comments on Section 1. Part II:Neuropsychology. L. Weiskrantz, Remembering Dissociations. L.S. Cermak, Synergistic Ecphory and the Amnesic Patient. M. Moscovitch, Confabulation and the Frontal Systems: Strategic Versus Associative Retrieval in Neuropsychological Theories of Memory. D.S. Olton, Inferring Psychological Dissociations from Experimental Dissociations: The Temporal Context of Episodic Memory. M. Kinsbourne, The Boundaries of Episodic Remembering: Comments on the Second Section. Part III:Classification Systems for Memory. J.R. Anderson, A Rational Analysis of Human Memory. D. Broadbent, Lasting Representations and Temporary Processes. J.H. Neely, Experimental Dissociations and the Episodic/Semantic Memory Distinction. R.G. Crowder, Modularity and Dissociations in Memory Systems. L-G. Nilsson, Classification of Human Memory: Comments on the Third Section. Part IV:Consciousness, Emotion, and Memory. R.A. Bjork, Retrieval Inhibition as an Adaptive Mechanism in Human Memory. E. Eich, Theoretical Issues in State Dependent Memory. D.L. Schacter, On the Relation Between Memory and Consciousness: Dissociable Interactions and Conscious Experience. L.L. Jacoby, C.M. Kelley, J. Dywan, Memory Attributions. R.S. Lockhart, Consciousness and the Function of Remembered Episodes: Comments on the Fourth Section.

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"...a valuable contribution to the field....provides the inspiration, that will surely honor Tulving into the future."
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