1st Edition

Vasco da Gama and his Successors, 1460–1580

By K.G. Jayne Copyright 1910

    Vasco da Gama and His Successors (1970) looks at a range of Portuguese explorers of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the most important being Vasco da Gama, whose first voyage to India ushered in a period of European conquest and empire, and established direct and permanent contact between Europe and the Far East.

    Part 1. The Early Discoverers, c. 1415–1497  1. The Making of Portugal  2. Prince Henry the Navigator  3. Seamen and Slaves  4. Cão, Dias and Columbus  Part 2. Vasco da Gama, 1497–1524  5. By Sea to India: The Start  6. By Sea to India: Rounding the Cape  7. By Sea to India: Civilized Africa  8. By Sea to India: Calicut  9. Vasco da Gama’s Second Voyage  10. Vasco da Gama in Retirement  Part 3. From Sea-Power to Empire, 1505–1548  11. D. Francisco de Almeida  12. Albuquerque the Conqueror: Goa and Malacca  13. Albuquerque the Conqueror: Aden and Ormuz  14. Albuquerque: the Statesman  15. King Manoel the Fortunate: 1495–1521  16. D. Vaso da Gama, Viceroy  17. D. João de Castro  18. A Red Sea Raid  19. The Epos of Diu  20. The Last of the Heroes  Part 4. Judaism, Humanism and the Church  21. The Jews in Portugal  22. At the University of Paris  23. The Trial of George Buchanan  24. An Act of Faith  25. The Church in the East  26. Francis Xavier in Goa  27. Xavier Among the Pearl-Fishers  28. Xavier in the Malay Isles  29. A Pious Pirate  30. The First Mission to Japan  31. The Portuguese in China  32. Xavier: the End  Part 5. Art and Literature  33. The Art and Literature of Discovery  34. Camões at Coimbra  35. Camões at Court  36. Camões in the East  37. Camões: Last Years  Part 6. The Decline of Portugal, 1548–1580  38. The Last Crusade  39. The Decadence and its Causes  40. The Fidalguia


    K.G. Jayne