1st Edition

Vegetable Crop Science

Edited By M. K. Rana Copyright 2018
    1112 Pages
    by CRC Press

    1112 Pages 41 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    This book has been prepared to provide every production aspect of important vegetables along with information regarding origin and distribution, composition and uses, botany, varieties, climatic and soil requirement, cultivation practices, harvesting, post-harvest management, insect-pests and diseases along with their control measures. Its users would find this book very practical for raising vegetable crops profitably.

    Part 1: New Zealand Spinach. Asparagus. Chive. Leek. Shallot. Welsh Onion. Amaranth. Sea beet. Elephant Foot Yam. Tannia. Taro. Giant taro. Giant swamp taro. Yam. Globe artichoke. Jerusalem artichoke. Lettuce. Salsify. Basella. Chenopod. Spinach. Swiss Chard. Beetroot. Broccoli. Chinese Cabbage. Brussels Sprouts. Kale. Mustard Greens. Rutabaga. Gherkin. Cassabanana. Long Melon. Kachri. Snap Melon. Oriental Pickling Melon. Ivy gourd. Pointed gourd. Spine gourd. Sweet gourd. Snake gourd. Chekurmanis. Tapioca. Baby corn. Agathi. Broad bean. Jack bean. Lima bean. Pigeon pea. Sword bean. Winged bean. Endive. Rhubarb. Purslane. Pepino. Tree tomato. Celery. Parsley. Parsnip. Part 2: Chinese Chive. Cardoon. Chicory. Dandelion. Ulluco. Cactus. Queensland Arrowroot. Water spinach. Arugula. Chinese cabbage. Romansco broccoli. Collard. Garden cress. Upland cress. Watercress. Winter cress. Horseradish. Sea kale. Maca. Malabar gourd. Meetha Karela. Winter squash. Chayote. Zucchini. Chinese Water Chestnut. East Indian arrowroot. False yam. Chinese artichoke. Chinese potato. Adzuki bean. African yam bean. Rice bean. Scarlet Runner Bean. Snap bean. Tepary bean. Vegetable soy bean.  Velvet bean. Yam bean. Yard long bean. Roselle. Japanese arrowroot. Miner’s lettuce. Lotus root. Oca. Sorrel. Ceylon spinach. Arracacha. Celeriac. Chervil. Florence fennel. Zedoary. Drumstick. Bay leaf. Bread fruit. Plantain


    Dr. M.K. Rana, MSc and PhD in vegetable science and presently working as a professor in the

    Department of Vegetable Science, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana, India,

    has a brilliant academic career standing first in all the examinations. Professor Rana also served

    as a lecturer of agriculture in NCERT Regional College of Education, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. He

    is specialized in the field of abiotic stress, vegetable physiology, and postharvest technology and

    processing of vegetables.

    He has an excellent experience of 28 years in the field of teaching in CCS Haryana Agricultural

    University, Hisar, and as a teacher, he has taught more than 20 different courses to the students

    of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate classes, delivered several lectures in the trainings

    and given talks on radio as well as on television on different topics related to vegetable science.

    As a proficient writer, Dr. Rana has published 164 book chapters, 12 research reviews, 90 research

    papers, 37 research abstracts, and 112 scientific articles in sundry books, journals, and magazines

    of scientific repute, has published 14 books and is publishing 2 books within the year, 12 teaching

    manuals, 2 technical bulletins on spices and edited 3 symposia abstracts, 2 symposia proceedings,

    2 issues of Haryana Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 1 compendium, and has guided 15 MSc and

    3 PhD students.

    He served as an executive councilor and editor of the Haryana Journal of Horticultural Sciences

    and as a joint secretary of the National Symposium organized by the Horticultural Society of

    Haryana. He has also worked as paper reviewer in several national societies. Dr. Rana is a life

    member of 11 professional bodies and societies and has been an examiner in different universities.

    Dr. Rana has been awarded the ICAR Team Research Award for the year 1993–1994 in recognition

    of his outstanding research contribution in the field of abiotic stress and University Best Teacher

    Award for the year 2004–2005 in recognition of his dedicated service rendered in the university.

    He had the opportunity to visit Michigan State University for 3 months training in the field of postharvest

    handling and processing of fruits and vegetables. He has been the member secretary of the

    Board of Subject Matter Area Committee (ICAR).