1st Edition

Vegetable Crops Breeding

By Ravindra Mulge Copyright 2021
    310 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    For improvement of crops, information on its origin, distribution and evolution of crop and its related species is very essential. Information on genetics and genetic resources is prerequisite to choose the appropriate breeding strategies to fulfill the objectives. Objectives of breeding vary with region and also purpose for which the product is used i.e., for fresh market, for processing or dual purpose and how the crop is grown i.e., under protection, open field cultivation or kitchen garden, etc. Information on genetics and genetic diversity and objectives of breeding of vegetable crops is presented in the book. Depending on the objectives and genetics and genetic resources, breeding methods or procedures can be adopted and it will results in useful varieties or hybrids. Information on breeding of vegetable crops is covered in very abridged form in this book. Origin and evolution, genetics, genetic resources, breeding methods and varieties/hybrids developed is the sequence followed in presenting the information on each of the crops.

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    1. Tomato 2. Brinjal 3. Pepper 4. Potato 5. Okra (Bhendi/ Ladies Finger) 6. Cucurbits-Cucumber 7. Musk Melon 8. Water Melon 9. Ridge Gourd and Sponge Gourd 10. Bitter Gourd 11. Bottle Gourd 12. Squashes and Pumpkins 13. Legumes-Garden Pea14. French Bean 15. Cowpea 16. Dolichos Bean 17. Alliums(Bulb Crops) 18 Cole Crops Cabbage 19. Cauliflower and other Cole Crops 20. Amaranthus 21. Carrot 22. Radish 23. Beet Root 24. Turnip 25. Sweet Potato 26. Cassava


    Ravindra Mulge, College of Horticulture, University of Horticultural Sciences, India.