The International Library of Management is a comprehensive core reference series comprised of the most significant and influential articles by the leading authorities in the management studies field. The collections of essays is both international and interdisciplinary in scope and provides and entry point for investigating the myriad of study within the discipline.

    Contents: Part 1 Institutional Framework: The structure and governance of venture-capital organizations, William A. Sahlman; Evolution and change: an analysis of the 1st decade of the UK venture capital industry, Gordon C. Murray; Calls on high technology: Japanese exploration of venture capital investments in the United States, Dileep Hurry, Adam T. Miller and E.H Bowman. Part 2 The Venture Capital Process: Screening, Valuation and Contracting: A model of venture capitalist investment activity, Tyzoon T. Tyebjee and Albert V. Bruno; Criteria distinguishing successful from unsuccessful ventures in the venture screening process, Ian C. MacMillan, Lauriann Zemann and P.N. Subbanarasimha; Entrepreneurial ability, venture investments and risk sharing, Raphael Amit, Lawrence Glosten and Eitan Muller; The effects of venture capitalists' characteristics on the structure of the venture capital deal, Edgar Norton and Bernard H. Tenenbaum; Venture capitalists and unquoted equity investment appraisal and the role of accounting information, Mike Wright and Ken Robbie; Robust financial contracting and the role of venture capitalists, Anat R. Admati and Paul Pfleiderer; The syndication of venture capital investments, Joshua Lerner; Risk avoidance strategies in venture capital markets, James C. Fiet. Part 3 Venture Capital Monitoring: Venture capitalists' involvement in their investments: extent and performance, Ian C. MacMillan, David M. Kulow and Roubina Khoylian; Venture capitalists and the oversight of private firms, Josh Lerner; Optimal investment, monitoring, and the staging of venture capital, Paul A. Gompers; UK venture capital funds and the funding of new technology based businesses: processes and relationships, R.C. Sweeting; Post investment demand for accounting information by venture capitalists, Falconer Mitchell, Gavin C. Reid and Nicholas G. Terry; The 'living dead' phenomenon in venture capital investments, John C. Ruhnka, Howard D. Feldman and Thomas J. Dean. Part 4 Investment Realization and Performance: Venture capitalist certification in initial public offerings, William L. Megginson and Kathleen A. Weiss; Venture capitalist participation and the post-issue operating performance of IPO firms, Bharat A. Jain and Omesh Kini; The 2nd equity gap: exit problems for seed and early stage venture capitalists and their investee companies, Gordon Murray; Harvesting and the longevity of management buy-outs and buy-ins: a 4 country study, Mike Wright, Ken Robbie, Yves Romanet, Steve Thompson, Robert Joachimsson, Johan Bruining and Artur Herst;Early rates of return of 131 venture capital funds started 1978-1984, William Bygrave, Norman Fast, Roubina Khoylian, Linda Vincent and William Yue. Part 5 Alternative Sources of Venture Capital: Informal Venture Capitalists, Corporate Venture Capital and Relationship Banking: Angels: personal investors in the venture capital market, John Freear, Jeffrey E. Sohl and William E. Wetzel; After the cash arrives: a comparative study of venture capital and private investor involvement in entrepreneurial firms, Sanford Erlich, Alex F. De Noble, Tracy Moore and Richard R. Weaver; Corporate venture capital: strategies for success, Hollister B. Sykes.


    Mike Wright and Ken Robbie, The Centre for Management Buy-out Research, University of Nottingham, UK.