1st Edition

Verbalising Visual Memories A Special Issue of the European Journal of Cognitive Psychology

Edited By Toby J. Lloyd-Jones, Maria A. Brandimonte Copyright 2008
    270 Pages
    by Routledge

    264 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This special issue, Verbalising Visual Memories, comprises research on: (a) verbal interference and facilitation in face and person processing; (b) similarities and differences between effects of verbalisation and processing in the Navon task (Navon, 1977); and (c) effects of verbalisation in visual imagery and object memory. It is clear that verbal processes influence the encoding, storage and retrieval of visual information. Moreover, different forms of verbal interference and facilitation are likely to be due to different mechanisms in different contexts. The state-of-the-art is that we are just beginning to understand the rich complexity of the problem.

    Lloyd-Jones, Brandimonte, Bäuml, Editorial: Visualizing Verbal Memories. Chin,Schooler, Why do Words Hurt? Content, Process and Criterion Shift Accounts of Verbal Overshadowing. Meissner, Sporer, Susa, A Theoretical Review and Meta-analysis of the Description-identification Relationship in Memory for Faces. Lloyd-Jones, Brown, Verbal Overshadowing of Multiple Face Recognition: Effects on Remembering and Knowing Over Time. Nakabayashi, Burton, The Role of Verbal Processing at Different Stages of Recognition Memory for Faces. Sauerland, Holub, Sporer, Person Descriptions and Person Identifications: Verbal Overshadowing or Recognition Criterion Shift? Brown, Lloyd-Jones, Robinson, Eliciting Person Descriptions from Eyewitnesses: A Survey of Police Perceptions of Eyewitness Performance and Reported Use of Interview Techniques. Hills, Lewis, Testing Alternatives to Navon Letters to Induce Transfer-inappropriate Processing Shift in Face Recognition. Wickham, Lander, The Effect of Verbal Description and Processing Yype on Face Identification. Weston, Perfect, Schooler, Dennis, Navon Processing and Verbalization: A Holistic/Featural Distinction. Brandimonte, Collina, Verbal Overshadowing in Visual Imagery is Due to Recoding Interference. Walker, Blake, Bremner, Object Naming Induces Viewpoint-independence in Longer-term Visual Remembering: Evidence From a Simple Object Drawing Task.


    Toby J. Lloyd-Jones, Maria A. Brandimonte, Karl-Heinz Bäuml