1st Edition

Vibrations from Blasting Workshop hosted by Fragblast 9 - the 9th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting

Edited By Alex Spathis, Mike J. Noy Copyright 2010

    Collection of excellent articles presenting the latest developments in blast vibration measurements, modeling and mitigation techniques. Includes contributions on novel environmentally-induced vs blast-induced movements, non-conventional geophysical processing techniques, new modeling approaches, mitigation techniques using smarter blasting methods, new blasting approaches in quarries and tunnels as well as mine case studies. For researchers and practitioners working on blasting vibrations. 

    • A brief review of the measurement, modelling and management of vibrations produced by blasting
    • Design concepts of rock blasting for surface construction work in Korea
    • Application of statistical multilevel modelling to control blasting operations adjacent
      to sub-surface structures
    • Blast control and optimization by close range vibration monitoring
    • Case study of autonomous vibration measurements in a quarry in Jordbro
    • High resolution, continuous, GPS synchronised data acquisition
    • Evolutionary methods claim more accuracy: A comparison of empirical methods and evolutionary programming in vibration prediction
    • Prediction and minimisation of vibrations during production blasts
    • The role of surface waves in prediction of ground vibrations from blasting Establishing acceptable PPV limits in high risk blasting projects that are outside conventional
      guidelines and standards
    • Risk based prediction of safe charge per delay in surface mine blasting—A new approach
    • Blast vibration damage threshold for the safety of residential structures in mining areas
    • Comparative measurements of structure and crack motions during blasting
      and other environmental forces
    • Assessment of current vibration regulations with micro-meter crack response



    Alex Spathis, Mike J. Noy