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    Are you a bit of a chairwarmer? Do you use the wins from a country straight to get scudded on snakebite in a blind tiger? Do you ride the waves on puddle or death drop?

    Vice Slang gently eases you into the language of gambling, drugs and alcohol, providing you with 3,000 words to establish yourself firmly in the world of corruption and wickedness. All words are illustrated by a reference from a variety of sources to prove their existence in alleys and dives throughout the English speaking world. This entertaining book will give you hours of reading pleasure.

    Acknowledgements.  Preface.  0-9 Entries  A-Z Entries.  Themed Boxes: Heroin.  Class A. Cocaine. Crack. Marijuana & Hashish – As it Comes  Marijuana – Ready for Consumption.  Ecstasy.  GHB.  Ketamine.  Amphetamines and Methamphetamines.  Tranquilizers.  LSD.  Drug Cocktails & Blends.  Drinks.  Intoxicated.  Users.  Poker.  Playing Cards & Card Players.  Gamblers.  Horse Racing.  Betting  Dice


    Tom Dalzell is a lawyer who moonlights in an extremely serious way as a slang collector and author. Terry Victor is not only a slang collector but also an actor, broadcaster, writer and director.

    "This highly entertaining and slightly corrupt dictionary concerns itself with the slang associated with all manners of vice, including drugs, alcohol and gambling. Dalzell, a lawyer, and Victor, a writer and film director, are self-professed slang collectors, and they assemble these terms with the diligence of any encyclopedist, with origins as well as proper usage (which can be occasionally hilarious) included. This should be a fun read for general, and generally corrupted, audiences." -- Book News Inc., August 2008