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    by Routledge

    This eight-volume, reset edition in two parts collects rare primary sources on Victorian science, literature and culture. The sources cover both scientific writing that has an aesthetic component – what might be called 'the literature of science' – and more overtly literary texts that deal with scientific matters.

    PART I Volume 1 General Introduction Negotiating Boundaries General Introduction Introduction ‘On the Application of the Terms Poetry, Science, and Philosophy’ (1834) William Whewell, Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences Founded upon their History (1840) Robert Hunt, Th e Poetry of Science; or, Studies in the Physical Phenomena of Nature (1848) George Henry Lewes, Comte’s Philosophy of the Sciences: Being an Exposition of the Principles of the Cours de Philosophie Positive of August Comte (1887) [William Whewell], ‘Spedding’s Complete Edition of the Works of Bacon’ (1857) John Henry Newman, ‘Th e Mission of the Benedictine Order’ (1858) Hugh Miller, Popular Geology: A Series of Lectures read before the Philosophical Institution of Edinburgh (1859) Eneas Sweetland Dallas, Th e Gay Science (1866) Charles Kingsley, ‘A Charm of Birds’ (1867) 1Michael Faraday, ‘Observations on the Education of the Judgment. A Lecture Delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain’ (1867) Thomas Henry Huxley, ‘Aphorisms by Goethe’ (1869) 1John Tyndall, ‘On the Scientific Use of the Imagination’ (1871) John Ruskin, ‘Th e Relation to Art of the Sciences of Organic Form’ (1872) Edward Dowden, ‘Th e Scientific Movement and Literature’ (1877) Thomas Henry Huxley, ‘On Science and Art in Relation to Education’ (1882) William Samuel Lilly vs Thomas Henry Huxley Lilly, ‘Materialism and Morality’ (1886) Huxley, ‘Science and Morals’ (1886) Lilly, ‘The Province of Physics’ (1887) 2Arthur James Balfour, Th e Foundations of Belief (1895) Editorial Notes


    Gowan Dawson, Bernard Lightman, Piers J Hale, Jonanthan Smith, Suzy Anger, James Paradis, Richard England, Jude V. Nixon, David Amigoni, James Elwick