1st Edition

Vilfredo Pareto Critical Assessments

    1992 Pages
    by Routledge

    This collection presents a detailed overview of Pareto's vast intellectual legacy and considers both theoretical and applied contributions.
    The articles are thematically arranged and the themes most closely linked are included in single volumes. This arrangement allows historians of economic thought to readily discern Pareto's specific contributions without losing sight of the fact that each element of his work is a component of a broad, system-wide social framework. The set contains important material for historians of economic thought, also historians of sociological ideas and methodology.
    * Volume One covers Pareto and the Scope of this Work
    * Volume Two covers Economic Theory
    * Volume Three covers Political Economy
    * Volume Four covers Pareto's Law and other specialised topics

    Volume I. Pareto and the Scope of his Work
    Section 1 - Biographies and General Reviews Section 2 - Letters to Maffeo Pantaleoni Section 3 - Methodology Section 4 - Published Conference Papers
    Volume II. Economic Theory
    Section 5 - Reviews and Response Section 6 - Equilibrium, Value and General Theory Section 7 - Welfare Economics and Pareto Optimality Section 8 - Production and Rent
    Volume III. Political Economy
    Section 9 - Sociology Section 10 - Broad Economies and Collective Social Welfare
    Volume IV. Pareto's Law and Other Specialised Topics
    Section 11 - Pareto's Law Section 12 - Other Specialised Topics Section 13 - Pareto's Publications: INdex of Pareto's Complete Works