2nd Edition

Vincenzo Bellini A Guide to Research

By Stephen Willier Copyright 2010
    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    308 Pages
    by Routledge

    This comprehensive bibliography and research guide details all the works currently available on Vincenzo Bellini, the Italian opera composer best known for his work Norma, which is still regularly performed today at Covent Garden and by regional opera companies. 2001, the bicentennial anniversary of Bellini's death, saw several concerts and recordings of his work, raising his academic profile. This volume aims to meet the research needs of all students of Bellini in particular.

    Preface and Acknowledgements 1. Bellini's Life and Career Outline of Key Events in His Life Completed Operas; Casts of Premieres 3. Bibliographies, Works-Lists, Catalogues 5. Nineteenth-Century Assessments and Impressions 6. Encyclopedia and Dictionary Articles 7. Bellini Giovane: Origins, Youth in Catania, and Education 8. Biographical Studies, Character Studies from the Nineteenth Century 9. Circumstances Surrounding Bellini's Death and Burial 10. Necrologies; Elegies and Homages upon Bellini's Death 11. Homages and Reports of the Transfer of Bellini's Remains from Paris to Catania, 1876 12. Biographical and Character Studies surrounding the Bellini Centenaries (1901 and 1935) 13. Biographical and Character Studies after 1935 14. Letters and Documents 15. Libretto and Literary Source Studies; Historical and Cultural Studies 16. Exhibition Catalogs; Conferences; Congress Reports; Special Publications; Iconographies 17. General Aspects of Musical Style: Aesthetics, Analysis, Performance Practice, Influences, Compositional Process 18. Manuscript Studies; Collections; Collected Edition; Critical Evaluation of Editions of Bellini's Works 19. Studies of Individual Operas 20. Bellini's Non-Operatic Works 21. Bellini's Interpreters; Histories of Theaters; Bel Canto Style; Production Aspects 22. Discographies, Videographies, and Reviews23. Discography of Bellini's Operas (in chronological order) 24. Special Topics, Focuses 25. Related Studies; Contemporaries of Bellini; General Surveys that Include a Discussion of Bellini 26. Glossary of People Associated with Bellini


    Stephen Willier