1st Edition

Violent Conflicts in Indonesia
Analysis, Representation, Resolution

ISBN 9780415666886
Published June 10, 2011 by Routledge
342 Pages

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Book Description

Indonesia is currently affected by many serious conflicts which have arisen as a result of a variety of ethnic, religious and regional tensions.

Presenting important new thinking on violent conflict in the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation, this book examines a selection of conflicts in detail and discusses the nature of violence and the reasons behind violent outbreaks. Chapters include analysis of conflicts in Aceh, East Timor, Maluku, Java, West Kalimantan, West Papua and elsewhere. The contributors provide analysis of political, ethnic and nationalistic killings, with a concentration on the post-Suharto era. The book goes on to examine vital questions concerning the way in which violence in Indonesia is represented in the media, and explores ways in which violent conflicts could be resolved or prevented. The last section turns the focus onto victims of violence and forms of justice and retribution.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Violence and the State  1. Violence: Analysis, Representation and Resolution  2. From Soepomo to Prabowo: Law, Violence and Corruption in the Preman State  Part 2: Regions of Violence  3. 'Eventing' the May 1998 Affair: Problematic Representations of Violence in Contemporary Indonesia  4. Discursive Violence on the Internet and the May 1998 Riots  5. The 'Other' May Riots: Anti-Chinese Violence in Solo, May 1998  6. The Killings of Alleged Sorcerers in South Malang: Conspiracy, Ninjas or 'Community Justice'? Violence in West Kalimantan and Ambon  7. Passing the Red Bowl: Creating Community through Violence in West Kalimantan, 1967--1997  8. The Maluku Wars: ‘Communal Contenders’ in a Failing State  9. Migration, Provocateurs and Communal Conflict: The Cases of Ambon and West Kalimantan Violence in Aceh, East Timor and West Papua  10. Provoking Violence, Authenticating Separatism: Aceh's Humanitarian Pause  11. Ceremonies of Reconciliation as Prelude to Violence in Suai, East Timor  12. Violence and Governance in West Papua  Part 3: After the Violence  13. The Media as a Control and as a Spur for Acts of Violence  14. Writing the Dark Side: Publishing about Violence in Indonesia Re-education  15. Educating to Handle Conflict and Avoid Violence  16. The Indonesian Commission on Violence Against Women Voices of the Victims  17. Tortured Body, Betrayed Heart: State Violence in an Indonesian Novel by an Ex-Political Prisoner of the '1965 Affair'  18. Violence, Internal Displacement and its Impact on the Women of Aceh  19. Political Economy of Violence and Victims in Indonesia

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