1st Edition

Violent Extremism Online New Perspectives on Terrorism and the Internet

Edited By Anne Aly, Stuart Macdonald, Lee Jarvis, Thomas Chen Copyright 2016
    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    210 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book explores the interface between terrorism and the internet and presents contemporary approaches to understanding violent extremism online.

    The volume focuses on four issues in particular: terrorist propaganda on the internet; radicalisation and the internet; counter campaigns and approaches to disrupting internet radicalisation; and approaches to researching and understanding the role of the internet in radicalisation. The book brings together expertise from a wide range of disciplines and geographical regions including Europe, the US, Canada and Australia. These contributions explore the various roles played by the Internet in radicalisation; the reasons why terroristic propaganda may or may not influence others to engage in violence; the role of political conflict in online radicalisation; and the future of research into terrorism and the internet. By covering this broad range of topics, the volume will make an important and timely addition to the current collections on a growing and international subject.

    This book will be of much interest to students and researchers of cyber-security, internet politics, terrorism studies, media and communications studies, and International Relations.

    Introduction, Anne Aly, Thomas Chen, Lee Jarvis, Stuart Macdonald

    1. "Electronic Jihad": The Internet as Al-Qaeda’s Catalyst for Global Terror, Martin Rudner

    2. The Call to Jihad: Charismatic Preachers and the Internet, Angela Gendron

    3. Why Do Terrorists Migrate to Social Media?, Gabriel Weimann

    4. Westgate: A Case Study – How al Shabaab used Twitter during an ongoing attack, David Mair

    5. Violent Extremism Online and the Criminal Trial, Keiran Hardy

    6. Brothers, Believers, Brave Mujahideen: Focussing attention on the audience of violent jihadist preachers, Anne Aly

    7. Determining the Role of the Internet in Violent Extremism and Terrorism: Six Suggestions for Progressing Research, Maura Conway

    8. Grasping at Thin Air: Countering Terrorist Narratives Online, Sarah Logan

    9. Narratives and Counter-Narratives of Islamist Extremism, Halim Rane


    Anne Aly is Professor and Director of the Countering Online Violent Extremism Research Program at Edith Cowan University, Australia.

    Stuart Macdonald is Professor in Law at Swansea University, UK.

    Lee Jarvis is Reader in International Security at the University of East Anglia, UK.

    Thomas Chen is Professor in Cyber Security at City University London, UK.