1st Edition

Viral Superantigens

ISBN 9780849376887
Published May 30, 1997 by CRC Press
276 Pages

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Book Description

Since the discovery of viral superantigens in 1991, immunologists have made a number of new discoveries. The discoveries, especially those relating to the interplay between the immune system and viruses producing superantigens, have had a great impact on immunology and virology, as it appears that some diseases are triggered or exacerbated by viral superantigens.
Viral Superantigens presents a complete review of this new area of study. Edited by a leading researcher and authored by a distinguished team of contributors, this comprehensive analysis covers every aspect of viral superantigens and related subjects, including critical topics such as effects on the T cell repertoire and viral superantigen-mediated diseases. Immunologists and virologists, clinical practitioners, and graduate students will find this book an invaluable resource to encourage further advances in research.

Table of Contents

Viral Superantigens: An Overview, K. Tomonari
Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus Superantigens
Viral Superantigen-Mediated Negative Selection, C. Morishima and A.M. Pullen
Endogenous and Exogenous Mouse Mammary Tumor Viruses in Various Strains of Inbred Mice: Complexity of the Mtv44 Genome, S.P Fairchild, O.A. Rosenwasser, and K. Tomonari
Vb5- and Vb17a(cz)-Specific Superantigens Encoded by Mouse Mammary Tumor Viruses: Rules and Exceptions in the Specificity, K. Tomonari, S.P. Fairchild, and O.A. Rosenwasser
Specificity of Superantigens Encoded by Mouse Mammary Tumor Viruses and Their Primary Structures, O.A. Rosenwasser, S.P. Fairchild, and K. Tomonari
The Importance of the Membrane Proximal Region of the Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus-Encoded Superantigen in T Cell Activation, S. Kimura, M. Okamoto, and M. Katagiri
Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus Expression in B Cells: Transcriptional Adaptation and the Viral Life Cycle, S. Doerre and R.B. Corley
The Role of Endogenous Mtv Loci in Resistance to MMTV-Induced Mammary Tumors, S.R. Ross and T.V. Golovkina
Exogenous Mouse Mammary Tumor Viruses, Y. Yoshikai, Y. Ando, N. Niimi, and W. Wajjwalku
T Cell Responses to Viral Superantigens, S.R. Webb and K.A. Hayden
The T Cell Receptor Vb-Specific Positive Selection: Importance of the CDR4, K. Tomonari, O.A. Rosenwasser, and S.P. Fairchild
Viral Superantigens as a Model for T Cell Selection and Activation, A.V. Chervonsky and C.A. Janeway, Jr.
Rabies Virus Superantigen, M. Lafon
Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Superantigen
HIV-1 gp120: An Immunoglobulin Superantigen, L.A. Goodglick, G.M. Aldrovandi, J.A. Zack, and J. Braun
The T Cell Receptor Repertoire in Virally Induced Immunodeficiencies, G. Silvestri, H. Soudeyns, F. Denis, and R.P. Sékaly
Murine Leukemia Virus and Superantigen
Is a Superantigen Involved in the Pathogenesis of MAIDS? A.W. Hügin et al.
Viral Superantigens and Disease
Influence of the Mtv Superantigen of B Cell Lymphoma Development in SJL/J Mice, N. Ponzio, D.J. Zhang, V.K. Tsiagbe, and G.J. Thorbecke
The T Cell Receptor Vb Repertoire in Japanese and Possible Involvement of Viral Superantigens in Behçet Disease, K. Tomonari, S.P. Fairchild, M. Seki, M. Sada, and O.A. Rosenwasser
Human Type I Diabetes and Viral Superantigens, S. Fass and M. Trucco
Is Idiopathic Portal Hypertension (IPH) a Superantigen-Mediated Disease? K. Tokushige, K. Yamauchi, S. Hirose, and T. Shirai

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