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Virginia Satir
Foundational Ideas

ISBN 9781138994072
Published April 27, 2016 by Routledge
208 Pages

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Book Description

“Amid these [world] changes is the growing conviction that human beings must evolve a new consciousness that places a high value on being human, that leads toward cooperation, that enables positive conflict resolution, and that recognizes our spiritual foundations. Can we accept as a given that the self of the therapist is an essential factor in the therapeutic process? If this turns out to be true, it will alter our way of teaching therapists as well as treating patients.” (Virginia Satir in The Use of Self in Therapy, The Haworth Press, Inc., 1987

Virginia Satir, an internationally renowned educator and master therapist and a pioneer in the field of family therapy, altered the way therapists are taught and patients are treated. This landmark volume focuses on the important contributions that she made to the therapy profession. Written and edited by therapists who trained and worked closely with her, Virginia Satir: Foundational Ideas reflects her most basic ideas about the healing quality of respect for all people and the emphasis on the personal aspects of treatment rather than the technical. It also addresses the necessity of emotional honesty between the therapist and the patient and illustrates these therapists’impact on therapy as it is practiced today.

The legacy left by Dr. Satir includes her profound insight into the behavior of human beings and the guidelines for the application of universal principles in such a way as to enhance human growth and unite individuals. Her impact on therapists around the world is apparent upon reading this triumphant volume. Scholars and practitioners address some of the fundamental tenets of therapy as developed by Dr. Satir and explain how they have integrated these basic foundations into their own practices. The highlights of her professional contributions that are discussed in this exhaustive volume include:

  • the basic patterns of communication that are common to all people and the relationship of communication and self-esteem
  • the triad concept and strategies for teaching people to exist in this basic unit of humankind in a healthy way
  • the parts party and how this process for integrating various aspects of a person can be used with couples as well
  • the model for change process and the ways in which it can be used with individuals, couples, and the world
  • family reconstruction and the value of acting out the past with the therapist as guide

    Virginia Satir: Foundational Ideas is a sharp, clear focus on the person and work of this great master. It is necessary reading for all professionals around the world who seek to better understand the therapy process and the keys to its success.

Table of Contents

Contents Introduction

  • Methods for Connectedness: Virginia Satir’s Contribution to the Process of Human Communication
  • Theory and Practice of the Satir System
  • The Triadic Concept in the Work of Virginia Satir
  • Virginia Satir’s Triad Theory for Couples Therapy
  • Enhancing the Marital Relationship: Virginia Satir’s Parts Party
  • Increasing Couple Intimacy Using Virginia Satir’s Temperature Reading
  • Family Reconstruction: The Masterpiece of Virginia Satir
  • Virginia Satir’s Process of Change
  • Peoplemaking: Self Esteem or Shame?
  • Experiential Learning: Reflections on Virginia Satir and Eugene Gendlin
  • Satir’s Formula for Therapeutic Endurance: The Wonderful Human Being Myth
  • An Essay of Virginia Satir
  • Healing Virginia
  • The Dying Process of a Conscious Woman--Virgina Satir
  • Virginia Satir Bibliography
  • Index

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