1st Edition

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Risks and Opportunities for Your Business

By Matteo Zaralli Copyright 2024
    206 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    206 Pages 13 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    Technology is rapidly transforming the way people learn and train, and the integration of virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) could be the next big breakthrough. With the advent of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, there are endless possibilities for creating immersive and engaging learning environments. However, there is also a need to address the risks and challenges that these technologies present.

    This book explores the risks and opportunities of VR and AI for coaching and training, with an eye toward the emerging trends of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. Coaching and training have become increasingly important for companies seeking to develop and retain talent. With the advent of VR and AI technology, there is an opportunity to create immersive and engaging learning environments that could greatly enhance the learning experience. However, there are also risks associated with the use of these technologies, such as data privacy and cybersecurity.

    This book provides an in-depth analysis of the risks and opportunities of VR and AI for coaching and training, to help startup and business executives understand how to use these technologies responsibly and effectively. We need a new perspective. The book discusses the intersection of various major subjects and topics: business, innovation, technology, and philosophy in terms of critical thinking. The transition we are experiencing through this new Intelligent Revolution is very important, and soon everyone will witness the shift from e-learning to v-learning.



    Preface by Professor J. Wyse


    About the Author



    PART 1 - The Intelligent Revolution

    1. At this speed, where will we go?
    2. Technological progress
    3. The New Web

                              3.1.            Blockchain

                                                 3.1.1.            Cryptocurrencies

                                                3.1.2.            NFT

                            3.2.            Metaverse

                                                3.2.1.            Features

                                              3.2.2.            Avatar

                                              3.2.3.            Virtual Worlds

                                              3.2.4.            Virtual Reality Headsets

    1. How technology is changing our life
    2. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

                              5.1.            Studies and Research

                            5.2.            What it is and How it Works

                            5.3.            How to create content

                            5.4.            Interactions

                            5.5.            Why Use VR

                            5.6.            The Future

    1. A Super Artificial Worker

                              6.1.            The Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

                            6.2.            The Resurgence of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

                            6.3.            Strong And Weak Artificial Intelligence (AI)

                            6.4.            The Chinese Room

                            6.5.            The Four Artificial Intelligence (AI)

                            6.6.            Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning with AI

                            6.7.            AI chase and golden years?

                            6.8.            A Super Artificial Worker


    PART 2 - Technical and Philosophical Issues

    1. Artificial and Human Intelligence

                              7.1.            What Intelligence Machines Cannot Simulate

                            7.2.            Global Emulation of the Human Brain

                            7.3.            Risks and Problems

                                                7.3.1.            Values

                                              7.3.2.            Decisions

                             7.4.            Choice Architecture

                            7.5.            Human Uniqueness

                                                7.5.1.            Creativity

                                              7.5.2.            Imagination

                                              7.5.3.            The Problem of Consciousness

                                               7.5.4.            Emotional Intelligence

    1. Five Critical Aspects You CanNot Ignore

                             8.1.            Data Security and Privacy Risks

                            8.2.            Technical Challenges and Reliability

                            8.3.            Ethical and Legal Considerations

                            8.4.            User Adoption and Training

                            8.5.            Cost and Return on Investment (ROI)


    PART 3 - A Perfect Match

    1. Habits and Learning

                              9.1.            New Habits Tools

                            9.2.            How the world of Training is Changing

                                                9.2.1.            Communication

                            9.3.            E-learning

                                               9.3.1.            Why Companies use it

                                              9.3.2.            Challenges

                                              9.3.3.            On Working Days

    1. Training and Coaching 3.0

                          10.1.            What does training mean?

                        10.2.            Training 3.0

                        10.3.            Coaching

                                            10.3.1.            Changes the Web 3.0

                         10.4.            Soft Skills

                                            10.4.1.            The Benefits of Soft Skills in the Digital Era

                                           10.4.2.            Developing Soft Skills in VR and AI

    1. About World 3.0

                            11.1.            Communication

                                                11.1.1.            Communicating through Technology

                           11.2.            The Art of Public Speaking

                                              11.2.1.            Managing Stress

                                             11.2.2.            Let’s train ourselves in Sport-Mind

                                             11.2.3.            Innovative Change

                           11.3.            Emotional Intelligence

                                              11.3.1.            Traditional Mind-Form vs. New Methods


    PART 4 - Leveraging Your Business

    1. Immersive Experience and Intelligent Insights

                           12.1.            Communication and Collaboration

                         12.2.            Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

                         12.3.            Leadership and Decision-Making

                          12.4.            Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

                         12.5.            Adaptability and Resilience

    1. Data-Driven Coaching

                           13.1.            The Power of Data in Coaching

                         13.2.            AI-Enabled Assessment Tool

                         13.3.            Predictive Analytics and Future Development

                          13.4.            Ethical Consideration and Privacy

    1. The Future of Coaching

                           14.1.            Transforming Coaching Practises

                          14.2.            Case Studies

    1. Next Steps

                           15.1.            A New Sinergy





    Matteo Zaralli is the founder of VRAINERS, an innovative project that realized an E-learning Platform App in Virtual Reality available on Meta Quest Store. In 2022, he was the winner of the Fulbright scholarship for the BEST Program in California. He worked with StartX in Palo Alto as a Communications Fellow. Matteo was the winner of Intercultura (AFS) scholarship for international school and cultural exchanges, He holds BSc in Business Administration and an MSc in Management from the European School of Economics and MSc in Philosophy from Università degli studi Roma TRE. As a strategic Learning expert, in 2019, he was hosted by RAI1 at the program called “Superbrain”, and in 2020, hosted by RAI1 at the program called “I soliti ignoti”