1st Edition

Vistas in Nanofabrication

Edited By Faiz Rahman Copyright 2013
    272 Pages 17 Color & 103 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    This book provides several examples of how diverse nanofabrication techniques are being used by researchers across the world to fabricate useful materials and devices. A number of research groups present their cutting-edge work on fabricating a variety of nanoscale structures such as split rings, wires, gaps, trenches and holes. The innovative techniques described in this book will be of interest to all who are engaged in research and development of nanofabrication technologies. The book mainly covers application areas in electronics and photonics but the techniques are general enough to be applied to other areas.


    Nanosphere lithography for high-density nanopatterning
    Hirotaka Oshima, Fujitsu Laboratories, Japan

    Dry etching of semiconductors at the nano and micro scale
    S. J. Pearton, University of Florida, USA

    Nanoscale split ring resonator-based metamaterials
    Basudev Lahiri, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Germany

    Nanofabrication of high-performance light-emitting diodes
    Faiz Rahman, University of Glasgow, UK

    On-film formation of nanowires: A route to defect-free nanowire growth and device fabrication
    Jin-Seo Noh, Yonsei University, Korea

    Nanotrenches: an optical lithography process for high aspect ratio sub-100 nm gaps
    Jean-Francois Dayen, University of Strasbourg, France

    High aspect ratio metallic nanostructures for transparent electrodes
    Joong-Mok Park, Ames Laboratory, USA

    Fabrication of nanogap electrodes by electroless- and electro-deposition
    Luis De Los Santos Valladares, University of Cambridge, UK

    Nanometer-scale processing by tribological action and its potential applications
    Shojiro Miyake, Nippon Institute of Technology, Japan

    Nano-materials integration on CMOS platforms
    Sumita Santra, University of Cambridge, UK

    Focused ion beam fabrication of metallic nanostructures
    Michal Urbanek, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

    Naotechnology showcase
    Xianzhong Chen, Li Zhang, Jingbiao Cui, Yu Ying, Bjornholm, Yuri Gogotsi, Gary Zabow, Xinping Zhang, Lepsa and Faiz Rahman


    Faiz Rahman has been an educator and researcher in the field of nanotechnology for many years. He obtained his PhD from Imperial College, London and has worked at the California Institute of Technology, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation and the University of Glasgow. Dr Rahman’s principal interests are in semiconductor materials and devices. Together with his research students and colleagues he has carried work on a number of topics that include solar cells, light-emitting diodes, advanced sensors and organic electronics. He has also widely consulted for the industry and is active with a number of professional research organisations.

    "This fine book brings together a very interesting and promising range of techniques found in some of the most advanced labs around the world that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible via the growth and fabrication of nanostructures for a variety of applications. Many unique methods and approaches summarized in this book have immense potential to precisely tailor the geometry and composition of materials at the nanoscale, enabling them to interact with outside stimuli in ways that were neither possible nor thinkable a decade ago. The showcase gallery is a gem on its own right and is a real eye-popper."
    —Prof. Savas Kaya - Ohio University, USA