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    Visual culture incorporates a number of different visual practices including art, design, performance, architecture, film and photography. The study of visual culture is interdisciplinary, deriving in part from the new art history that emerged in the 1980s, the developing studies of design and material culture, and film, as well as the concepts and methods associated with psychoanalysis, semiotics, gender, class and post-colonialism.

    This collection is composed of essential articles written by the most stimulating academics working in the field of visual studies today. These texts represent both the formation of visual culture and the ways in which it has transformed, and continues to transform, our understanding and experience of the world as a visual domain.

    Each volume is divided into three sections, with the first two providing a substantive collection of texts that interrogate the theme of each volume, and the last delivering a relevant case study that addresses the issues discussed.

    Volume 1: What is Visual Culture?  Volume 2: Histories, Archaeologies and Genealogies of Visual Culture  Volume 3: Spaces of Visual Culture  Volume 4: Experience in Visual Culture


    Joanne Morra is Senior Lecturer at Central St Martin's College of Art and Design, University of the Arts, London, where she is the Co-ordinator of Historical and Theoretical Studies on the BA in Fine Art.  She is a Founder and the Principal Editor of the Journal of Visual Culture and a Founder of the Cultural Theory journal Parallax.

    Marquard Smith is a and Founder and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Visual Culture, and a Founder and former Editor of the cultural theory journal Parallax.  He is Director of Postgraduate Studies, Course Convenor of the MA Art History and Design History, Kingston University, London.