1st Edition

Visualize Your Teaching Understand Your Style and Increase Your Impact

By Kyle Ezell Copyright 2023
    162 Pages 70 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    162 Pages 70 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    162 Pages 70 B/W Illustrations
    by Eye On Education

    Visualize Your Teaching offers a unique way of helping educators see their own teaching so they can strengthen their practice. 

    Author Kyle Ezell uses a series of simple but compelling black and white graphics to take you through teaching’s parts, flows, and signals. He demonstrates that it’s important to be aware of what’s happening when playing distinctly different parts as you teach, depending on the context. Flows connect parts together over a lesson. He shows how to visualize the impact of how flows connect over a range of circumstances. You also need to be aware of how you respond to many different signals that appear, pushing and pulling the lesson plan. 

    Appropriate for teachers of all grade levels and subject areas, the book provides teaching scenario prompts for you to practice playing all the parts through self-observation and opportunities for you to diagram your own teaching. As you work through the pages, you’ll be able to visualize your performance the way athletes do, becoming more in tune with yourself. With this book as your batting cage, you will be increasing your impact on students in no time!

    Foreword  Preface  Introduction: "The Feeling" Students Get From Your Teaching  1. Parts: 12 That Teachers Play (Run Through 50 Performances)  2. Know Your Flows, Then Spot the Signals (and Practice Responding to Dozens)  3. "See," Then Draw (or Doodle) Your Teaching (with 10 Teaching Stories)  Afterword: Go Forth and Prosper!


    Once a solidly marginal teacher, Kyle Ezell, EdD, became an inductee into The Ohio State University’s prestigious Academy of Teaching, receiving many awards for his role as an educator. A professor of city and regional planning in Ohio State’s Knowlton School of Architecture in the College of Engineering since 2005, Dr. Ezell serves as a Faculty Foundation, Impact, and Transformation (FIT) Program mentor for new and developing teachers at Ohio State and as a Senior Affiliate with the university’s Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning, and enjoys consulting K-12 educators in visualizing their teaching.

    "Visualizing Your Teaching is essential reading for any teacher in K-12 who wants to become the best in their building. This little book will transform your career."

    Laura Schaub, Professor and Director of Greenville University’s Early Childhood Education Program, USA

    "Ezell provides a compelling narrative approach drawing from both analytical and creative problem solving to help college teachers overcome their biggest challenge: self doubt."

    Gerard Lange, Professor and Director of the Whitehurst Family Honors Program, Barton College, USA

    "College and K-12 teachers will love Ezell's revealing step-by-step method helping them "see" their teaching through visualizing techniques and drawing. Read this book to fuel your career as an intuitive educator."

    Jennifer Cowley, President, University of Texas at Arlington, USA

    "This book reinvigorated my teaching! The practical suggestions were easy to implement and made me feel empowered to become a better teacher. I go back to the book again and again to find more strategies for turning my classroom into an exciting and fun learning environment." 

    Robin E. Grebing, Assistant Professor, Maryville University of Saint Louis, USA

    "Professor Ezell has written a unique, step-by-step, how-to on effective teaching practices as performance. His method on dissecting the teaching roles (parts) into flows and signals, when applied and diagrammed, is sure to improve anyone’s teaching ability, from someone new to the classroom as well as the seasoned professor."

    Catherine Cubbin, Associate Dean for Research, Clara Pope Willoughby Centennial Professor in Community Safety, University of Texas at Austin, USA