1st Edition

Visualizing Jews Through the Ages Literary and Material Representations of Jewishness and Judaism

Edited By Hannah Ewence, Helen Spurling Copyright 2015
    336 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    352 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This volume explores literary and material representations of Jews, Jewishness and Judaism from antiquity to the twenty-first century. Gathering leading scholars from within the field of Jewish Studies, it investigates how the debates surrounding literary and material images within Judaism and in Jewish life are part of an on-going strategy of image management - the urge to shape, direct, authorize and contain Jewish literary and material images and encounters with those images - a strategy both consciously and unconsciously undertaken within multifarious arenas of Jewish life from early modern German lands to late twentieth-century North London, late Antique Byzantium to the curation of contemporary Holocaust exhibitions.

    Introduction: Visualising Jews: An Introduction to Literary and Material Representations of Jewishness and Judaism Through the Ages  Hannah Ewence and Helen Spurling  Part I: Divinity, Divine Actions and Their Interpretation: The Management of Theological Images  1. The Idea of Creation out of Nothing: From Qumran to Genesis Rabbah.  Markus Bockmuehl  2. The Image of God in Late Antique Apocalyptic Literature: The Holy One as Teacher in Pirqe Mashiah.  Helen Spurling  3. Approaching the Divine by Imitatio Dei: Tzelem and Demut in R. Moshe Cordovero’s Tomer Devorah.  Patrick Benjamin Koch  4. The Image of Torah Min Ha-Shamayim in the Thought of Louis Jacobs  Miri Freud-Kandel  5. Nothing and the Jews  Devorah Baum  Part II: Contested Images of Judaism and Jewishness: Jewish Perspectives on Identity and Image Management  6. Iconism and Aniconism in the Period of the Monarchy: Was There an Image of the Deity in the Jerusalem Temple?  Garth Gilmour  7. The Wissenschaft des Judentums and the Visual  Irene Zwiep  8. Aestheticism and the Flight from Jewishness  Todd M. Endelman  9. The Jew in the Eruv, the Jew in the Suburb: Contesting the Public Face and the Private Space of British Jewry  Hannah Ewence  Part III: Interaction and Conflict with the "Other": The Management of Images in Jewish/Non-Jewish Relations  10. Beyond the Generic: Contextual Interpretations of Mediaeval Jewish Female Iconography  Israel M. Sandman  11. Navigating Christian Space: Jewish Responses to Christian Imagery in Early Modern German Lands  Maria Diemling  12. Translating Modernity: On Aniconism and Negative Aesthetics in German-Jewish Thought  Leena Petersen  13. Confronting the Military Image: The Jewish Soldier and the British Army in the First World War  Anne Lloyd  Part IV: Communication and Representation: The Management of Jewish Images in Cultural Media  14. The Image of the Jews in Belorussian Soviet Cinema, 1924–1936  Claire Le Foll  15. Another Man’s Faith?: The Image of Judaism in the BBC Television Series Men Seeking God.  James Jordan  16. The Absent, the Partial and the Iconic in Archival Photographs of the Holocaust  Isabel Wollaston  17. Adorno and the Prohibition of the Image: The Case of Music  Lars Fischer  18. Ari Folman’s Other War: Animating and Erasing the Holocaust in Waltz with Bashir.  Giulia Miller


    Hannah Ewence is Lecturer in Modern History at University of Chester.

    Helen Spurling is Ian Karten Lecturer in Jewish Studies and Outreach Fellow at University of Southampton.