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    This anthology presents a range of interdisciplinary explorations into the urban environment, through film, photography, digital imagery, maps and signage. Contributors examine our fascination with the city through the history of art and architecture, urban studies, environmental studies, cultural geography and screen studies.

    Bringing together a wide spectrum of urban contexts, Visualizing the City’s diverse essays explore visual representations of urbanism and modernity reflected through the prism of global cultures using an engaging variety of methods and texts.

    1. The Art of Viewing: Film, City Views, and the Geography of Modernity Giuliana Bruno  2. The City Being Played With François Penz  3. Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will as City Film Alan Marcus  4. Imagining Beirut: An Exploration of Lebanese War Cinema Lina Khatib  5. Early Brazilian Cinema and the Reproduction of Rio de Janeiro Maite Conde  6. The City as Labyrinth: Urban Visuality and the Rhetorics of Walking in Postmodern Literary and Cinematic Fiction Stefan L. Brandt  7. Visualising late-20th and early-21st Century London Robert Tavernor  8. Imagining Venice: From Italy to Las Vegas Laura Bieger  9. Rain in the City Jill Stoner  10. Urban Borders on the West Pacific Rim Stephanie Hemelryk Donald  11. The VJ of the Everyday: Physically Remixing the Urban Visual Scott Burnham  12. Employee Entrances and Emergency Exits: Exposing the Invisible Imagery of Consumption David Michalski


    Alan Marcus is a Reader in Film and Visual Culture and Head of the Film Programme at the University of Aberdeen. He is a cultural historian and filmmaker and as former Director of the Centre for Screen Studies at the University of Manchester he chaired the international conference Visualising the City in 2005.

    Dietrich Neumann is Professor for the History of Modern Architecture and Urban Studies at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and the Vincent Scully Visiting Professor for the History of Architecture at Yale University.

    "Astonishing in its quality." -- Focus on German Studies