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Vitality of Indigenous Religions

About the Series

Routledge's Vitality of Indigenous Religions series offers an exciting cluster of research monographs, drawing together volumes from leading international scholars across a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. Indigenous religions are vital and empowering for many thousands of indigenous peoples globally, and dialogue with, and consideration of, these diverse religious life-ways promises to challenge and refine the methodologies of a number of academic disciplines, whilst greatly enhancing understandings of the world.

This series explores the development of contemporary indigenous religions from traditional, ancestral precursors, but the characteristic contribution of the series is its focus on their living and current manifestations. Devoted to the contemporary expression, experience and understanding of particular indigenous peoples and their religions, books address key issues which include: the sacredness of land, exile from lands, diasporic survival and diversification, the indigenization of Christianity and other missionary religions, sacred language, and re-vitalization movements. Proving of particular value to academics, graduates, postgraduates and higher level undergraduate readers worldwide, this series holds obvious attraction to scholars of Native American studies, Maori studies, African studies and offers invaluable contributions to religious studies, sociology, anthropology, geography and other related subject areas.

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Native Christians Modes and Effects of Christianity among Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

Native Christians: Modes and Effects of Christianity among Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

1st Edition

Edited By Robin M. Wright, Aparecida Vilaça
February 18, 2009

Native Christians reflects on the modes and effects of Christianity among indigenous peoples of the Americas drawing on comparative analysis of ethnographic and historical cases. Christianity in this region has been part of the process of conquest and domination, through the association usually ...

Karanga Indigenous Religion in Zimbabwe Health and Well-Being

Karanga Indigenous Religion in Zimbabwe: Health and Well-Being

1st Edition

By Tabona Shoko
July 28, 2007

Tabona Shoko contends that religion and healing are intricately intertwined in African religions. This book on the religion of the Karanga people of Zimbabwe sheds light on important methodological issues relevant to research in the study of African religions. Analysing the traditional Karanga ...

Mobility, Markets and Indigenous Socialities Contemporary Migration in the Peruvian Andes

Mobility, Markets and Indigenous Socialities: Contemporary Migration in the Peruvian Andes

1st Edition

By Cecilie Vindal Ødegaard
November 10, 2010

Exploring how people from Andean communities seek progress and social mobility by moving to the cities, Cecilie Ødegaard demonstrates the changing significance of kinship, reciprocity and ritual in an urban context. Through a focus on people´s involvement in land occupations and local ...

Religious Change and Indigenous Peoples The Making of Religious Identities

Religious Change and Indigenous Peoples: The Making of Religious Identities

1st Edition

By Helena Onnudottir, Adam Possamai
August 28, 2013

Exploring religious and spiritual changes which have been taking place among Indigenous populations in Australia and New Zealand, this book focuses on important changes in religious affiliation in census data over the last 15 years. Drawing on both local social and political debates, while ...

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