1st Edition

Vitamin Intake and Health A Scientific Review

    238 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Describing the biochemical function and physiological effects of most of the clinically important vitamins, Vitamin Intake and Health contains provocative insights regarding nutritional requirements beyond the levels currently recommended by the National Academy of Science's RDA (recommended daily allowance). It considers the special nutritional needs of population subgroups such as cigarette smokers ... dieters ... medication users ... alcohol users ... diabetics ... premature infants ... adolescents ... pregnant and lactating women ... and the elderly.

    Complete with almost 900 references, Vitamin Intake and Health serves as a source of practical information for nutritionists and dieticians; primary care physicians. internists, geriatricians, paediatricians, obstetricians, and nutritional oncologists: pharmacists; epidemiologists, toxicologists, and physiologists; organic and analytic1I chemists and biochemists; and advanced undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

    Preface 1. General Introduction 2. Vitamin A 3. B-Carotene4. Vitamin D 5. Vitamin E 6. Vitamin C 7. Vitamin Bs 8. Folic Acid 9. Niacin 10. Vitamin B12 11. Multivitamin Supplements 12. General Summary


    Suzanne K. Gaby Clinical Research Associate, Adrianne Bendich Senior Clinical Research Coordinator, Vishaw N. Singh Assistant Director of Clinical Nutrition, Lawrence J. Machlin, Director of the Department of Clinical Nutrition all Department of Clinical Nutrition, Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc. Nutley, New Jersey.