VoIP Handbook : Applications, Technologies, Reliability, and Security book cover
1st Edition

VoIP Handbook
Applications, Technologies, Reliability, and Security

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ISBN 9781420070200
Published December 18, 2008 by CRC Press
472 Pages 231 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The number of worldwide VoIP customers is well over 38 million. Thanks to the popularity of inexpensive, high-quality services, it's projected to increase to nearly 250 million within the next three years.

The VoIP Handbook: Applications, Technologies, Reliability, and Security captures the state of the art in VoIP technology and serves as the comprehensive reference on this soon-to-be ubiquitous technology. It provides:

  • A step-by-step methodology to evaluate VoIP performance prior to network implementation
  • An invaluable overview of implementation challenges and several VoIP multipoint conference systems
  • Unparalleled coverage of design and engineering issues such VoIP traffic, QoS requirements, and VoIP flow

As this promising technology’s popularity increases, new demands for improved quality, reduced cost, and seamless operation will continue to increase. Edited by preeminent wireless communications experts Ahson and Illyas, the VoIP Handbook guides you to successful deployment.

Table of Contents

Deploying VoIP in Existing IP Networks; K. Salah
Multipoint VoIP in Ubiquitous Environments; D. Seong, K. Lee, and M. Oh
VoIP in a Wireless Mobile Network; Q. Bi, Y. Yang, and Q. Zhang
SIP and VoIP Over Wireless Mesh Networks; B. Rong, Y. Qian, and K. Lu

Compression Techniques for VoIP Transport over Wireless Interfaces; Y. Yang and X. Wang
QoS Monitoring of Voice-Over-IP Services; S. S. Gokhale and J. Lu
Current and Future VoIP Quality of Service Techniques; B. Sweeney and D. Wijesekera
Measurement and Analysis on the Quality of Skype VoIP; Z. Ren and H. Wang
QoE Assessment and Management of VoIP Services; A. Takahashi
Delay Performance and Management of VoIP System; Z. Mai, S. Wang, D. Xuan, and W. Zhao
SIP-based VoIP Traffi c Behavior Profi ling and Its Applications; Z.-L. Zhang, H. J. Kang, S. Ranjan, and A. Nucci
VoIP Over WLAN Performance; Á. Cuevas, R. Cuevas, A. Banchs, M. Urueña, and D.Larrabeiti
Burst Queue for Voice over Multihop 802.11 Networks; X. Wang and H.-H. Chen
Radio Access Network VoIP Optimization and Performance on 3GPP HSPA/LTE; M. Kuusela, C. Tao, P. Lundén, H. Wang, T. Henttonen, J. Ojala, and E. Malkamäki
Emerging Methods for Voice Transport Over MPLS; J. A. Zubairi

Implementation of VoIP at the University of Colima; P. García Alcaraz and R. Buenrosto Mariscal
Multiparty Video Conferencing over Internet; A. Uyar
IMS Charging Management in Mobile Telecommunication Networks; S.-I. Sou
Commercial Interoperable VoIP IA Architecture; B. Sweeney and D. Wijesekera

Security Issues of VoIP; M. Vargas Martin, P.C. K. Hung, and A. Brown
VoWLAN Security Assessment through CVSS; G. Me and P. Ruggier
Flash Crowds and Distributed Denial of Service Attacks; H. Sengar
Don’t Let the VoIP Service to Become a Nuisance for Its Subscribers; H. Sengar


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