2nd Edition

Vocabulary at the Core Teaching the Common Core Standards

By Amy Benjamin, John T. Crow Copyright 2013
    168 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    168 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    Vocabulary at the Core, the expanded and updated edition of Vocabulary at the Center (© 2009), is the definitive guide for every teacher engaged in helping students learn essential academic vocabulary.  In clear, precise language, Benjamin and Crow explain why vocabulary is at the core of all learning and communicating and why word study should play a more significant role in English class and across the curriculum—as emphasized by the Common Core State Standards.

    You will learn...

    • How words get learned and stay learned.
    • Why teachers must emphasize useful academic words.
    • Why rote memorization doesn’t work and why students need opportunities for deep processing.
    • How and why to teach derivations, collocations, register, idioms, and gender.
    • How and why to teach context clues, fluency, and pronunciation.
    • The benefits of graphic organizers and word games in the classroom.

    Each chapter includes engaging, easy-to-implement classroom applications that are correlated to the Common Core State Standards and will fit seamlessly into your lesson plans.

    BONUS! Vocabulary at the Core also provides ideas for formative and summative assessments.

      User's Guide

      Chapter 1: Vocabulary at the Core
      Chapter 2: What Do You Know When You "Know" a Word?
      Chapter 3: What Words Do We Teach?
      Chapter 4: Receptive vs. Productive Vocabulary
      Chapter 5: Brain-Based Vocabulary Learning
      Chapter 6: How Words Stay Learned
      Chapter 7: Depth of Processing: The Key to Durable Vocabulary Learning
      Chapter 8: Guessing from Context
      Chapter 9: Assessment

      Appendix A: Generic Academic Vocabulary
      Appendix B: Latin and Greek Word Components
      Appendix C: Shallow vs. Deep Processing
      Appendix D: Vocabulary Quizzes
      Appendix E: Phrasal Verbs and Their Latinate Counterparts
      Appendix F: Model Activity for Vocabulary Expansion: Let's Get Kids Talking About Words
      Appendix G: Anchor Activities for Vocabulary Development
      Appendix H: Frequency of Occurrence
      Appendix I: Correlation to the Common Core

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      Amy Benjamin (National Literacy Consultant, USA) (Author) , John T. Crow (Author