1st Edition

Vocal Traditions Training in the Performing Arts

Edited By Rockford Sansom Copyright 2023

    Vocal Traditions: Training in the Performing Arts explores the 18 most influential voice training techniques and methodologies of the past 100 years. This extensive international collection highlights historically important voice teachers, contemporary leaders in the field, and rising schools of thought. Each vocal tradition showcases its instructional perspective, offering backgrounds on the founder(s), key concepts, example exercises, and further resources. The text’s systematic approach allows a unique pedagogical evaluation of the vast voice training field, which not only includes university and conservatory training but also private session and workshop coaching as well.

    Covering a global range of voice training systems, this book will be of interest to those studying voice, singing, speech, and accents, as well as researchers from the fields of communication, music education, and performance. This book was originally published as a series in the Voice and Speech Review journal.

    Introduction: Framing the "Vocal Traditions" Series

    Rockford Sansom

    1. Cicely Berry and the Central School Tradition

    David Carey

    2. Linklater Voice Method

    Kristin Linklater

    3. Rodenburg Voice and Speech

    Amy Leavitt

    4. Fitzmaurice Voicework

    Jeff Morrison, Saul Kotzubei and Tyler Seiple

    5. Lessac Kinesensics

    Marth Munro et al.

    6. Knight-Thompson Speechwork

    Philip Thompson, Andrea Caban and Erik Singer

    7. Estill Voice Training®

    Kimberly M. Steinhauer and Mary McDonald Klimek

    8. The Roy Hart Tradition

    Kevin Crawford and Noah Pikes

    9. The Sharpe/Haydn Method

    Edda Sharpe and Jan Haydn Rowles

    10. Miller Voice Method

    Scott Miller, John Patrick, Liam Joynt and Kristi Dana

    11. A Voice Pedagogy Based in Middendorf Breathwork

    Jeff Crockett

    12. Vocal Combat Technique

    D’Arcy Smith and Chaslee Schweitzer

    13. Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method

    Andrew R. White

    14. Breathwork Africa

    Marj Murray and Ela Manga

    15. Steiner Speech

    Geoffrey Norris

    16. Seven Pillars Acting Technique

    Sonya Cooke et al.

    17. Vibrant Voice Technique

    Pamela Prather

    18. Acting and Singing with Archetypes

    Bill J. Adams and Christine Morris


    Rockford Sansom, PhD, is a voice coach in theater and a voice trainer in business and politics. He is Editor of the Voice and Speech Review and has published The History of Voice Pedagogy: Multidisciplinary Reflections on Training.