1st Edition

Voice, Agency and Resistance Emancipatory Discourses in Action

Edited By Mark Nartey Copyright 2023

    Drawing on data from Africa, Latin America, North America, and the Arab Levant, this book demonstrates how members of marginalized (disempowered) groups sculpt a positive image for themselves, engage in solidarity formation for group empowerment, and (re)construct their experiences in a manner that gives them voice, agency, and a positive identity. It argues for a more interventionist stance in ideologically oriented discourse analysis and demonstrates why (critical) discourse analysts must not only expose and resist the inequities or injustices in society but, more crucially, also adopt an activist-scholar posture in order to push for positive social change.

    The book brings into focus: (a) how discourse can be used to center the voice and agency of minority groups, (b) how feminists re-make gender relations in our world, (c) how non-dominant groups actively resist injustices and discriminatory discourses directed against them, (d) how discourse can be used to advance the goals of repressed groups in order to instigate progressive social change, and (e) access to forms of discourse that can be empowering for marginalized groups’ participation in social domains. It will be of interest to postgraduate students and academics in (critical) discourse studies, communication, and media studies as well as non-academics such as activists, journalists, and sociopolitical commentators. This book was originally published as a special issue of the journal Critical Discourse Studies.

    1. Introduction—Investigating emancipatory discourses in action: the need for an interventionist approach and an activist-scholar posture 

    Mark Nartey 

    2. Women’s online advocacy campaigns for political participation in Nigeria and Ghana 

    Innocent Chiluwa 

    3. ‘The rapist is you’: semiotics and regional recontextualizations of the feminist protest ‘a rapist in your way’ in Latin America 

    Carolina Pérez-Arredondo and Camila Cárdenas-Neira 

    4. Social media discourses of feminist protest from the Arab Levant: digital mirroring and transregional dialogue  

    Eleonora Esposito and Francesco L. Sinatora 

    5. Centering marginalized voices: a discourse analytic study of the Black Lives Matter movement on Twitter 

    Mark Nartey 

    6. Negotiating the limits of teacher agency: constructed constraints vs. capacity to act in preservice teachers’ descriptions of teaching emergent bilingual learners 

    Amber N. Warren and Natalia A. Ward 

    7. ‘Free men we stand under the flag of our land’: a transitivity analysis of African anthems as discourses of resistance against colonialism 

    Isaac N. Mwinlaaru and Mark Nartey 


    Mark Nartey is Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics at the Bristol Centre for Linguistics, University of the West of England. He is an interdisciplinary scholar who specializes in corpus-assisted discourse studies, with a focus on issues at the intersection of language, culture, and society. He has published extensively in applied linguistics, discourse analysis, and communication/media studies. His recent monograph published by Routledge examines the interplay of political myth-making, nationalist resistance, and populist performance.