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Voices from the Margins

About the Series

Voices from the Margins focuses on marginalized and less visible literary texts and traditions of India. It seeks to present anthologies of such texts in English translation buttressed by critical matter. The series aims to thereby challenge the invisibilisation that keeps certain texts and traditions outside the popular gaze.

The true potential of translation for a multilingual country like India perhaps remains to be realized fully even today. This means that the idea of India, and of Indian literature, often remains a partial one as it is based on exposure to only what is written in English, or to the little that is available in English translation. And there is, of course, a complicated politics that shapes what becomes available in translation.

This series will identify key Indian bhasha literary texts that can problematize and/or enrich our current understanding of Indian Literature when available in English translation. It will include a focus on marginalized languages, and themes of marginalization on the basis of caste (Dalit literature), language, gender, genre and region. The titles in this series will focus on individual authors and attempt to (a) create an archive of their key writings in English translation, and (b) create a critical perspective on this archive. The latter, it would try to do through the use of critical introductions and a focus on intensive interviews/ oral narratives. This series will thus arm the readers with an alternative and more inclusive notion of ‘Indian Literature’ and empower them to challenge the existing hierarchies and exclusions currently pertaining to our idea of ‘Indian Literature’; it will also hopefully open up new possibilities for rendering these texts and writers more visible within our critical discourse. We hope that Voices from the Margins will bring on stage what has largely remained out of popular vision, and that it will force us, readers and academics, to confront our own aporias vis-à-vis our reading. 

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Selected Writings of Anil Gharai Dalit Literature from Bangla

Selected Writings of Anil Gharai: Dalit Literature from Bangla

1st Edition

Edited By Indranil Acharya
December 18, 2023

Anil Gharai is arguably one of the most significant authors of Bangla Dalit literature. His works deal with the stark everyday realities of people on the margins and the complex interplay of domination and subjugation in these spaces. This volume of English translations of some of his most ...

Selected Writings of Shyamal Kumar Pramanik Dalit Literature from Bangla

Selected Writings of Shyamal Kumar Pramanik: Dalit Literature from Bangla

1st Edition

Edited By and Translated by Sayantan Dasgupta
October 26, 2023

Shyamal Kumar Pramanik is one of the most powerful writers of the Bangla Dalit literary movement. His evocative fictional world throws into relief the lives of the downtrodden in in contemporary India. This volume brings his fiction to a new readership by presenting English translations of a ...

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