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1st Edition

W. Somerset Maugham

ISBN 9780415849463
Published March 7, 2013 by Routledge
488 Pages

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Book Description

This set comprises of 40 volumes covering nineteenth and twnetieth century European and American authors. These volumes will be available as a complete set, mini boxed sets (by theme) or as individual volumes.
This second set compliments the first 68 volume set of Critical Heritage published by Routledge in October 1995.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Books; Liza of Lambeth; Chapter 1 Edward Garnett, reader’s report on ‘A Lambeth Idyll’ for T. Fisher Unwin; Chapter 2 Unsigned review, Academy; Chapter 3 Jane H. Findlater, ‘The Slum Movement in Fiction’, National Review; The Making of a Saint; Chapter 4 Unsigned review, Literature; Chapter 5 Unsigned review, Academy; Orientations; Chapter 6 Unsigned review, Athenaeum; Chapter 7 Unsigned review, Academy; Mrs Craddock; Chapter 8 Unsigned review, ‘The Strong Crude Novel’, Academy and Literature; Chapter 9 A. St John Adcock, ‘Mr W.S. Maugham’s New Novel’, Bookman (London); The Merry-Go-Round; Chapter 10 Unsigned review, Academy and Literature; Chapter 11 Unsigned review, Athenaeum; The Land of the Blessed Virgin; Chapter 12 Unsigned review, ‘Spain and the Spanish’, Athenaeum; Chapter 13, Virginia Woolf], unsigned review, ‘Journeys in Spain’, Times Literary Supplement; The Bishop’s Apron; Chapter 14 ‘The Baron de B[ook]-W[orms]’, Sir F.C. Burnand], review, Punch; The Magician; Chapter 15 ‘Oliver Haddo’, Aleister Crowley], ‘How to Write a Novel! After W.S. Maugham’, Vanity Fair (London); Chapter 16 Unsigned review, ‘A Feast of Horrors’, New York Times; Part 2 Plays; A Man of Honour; Chapter 17 E.K. Chambers, ‘Mr Maugham’s Irony’, Academy and Literature; Chapter 18 Max Beerbohm, ‘An Uncommercial Play’, Saturday Review (London); Lady Frederick; Chapter 19 J.T. Grein, review, Sunday Times; Chapter 20 Reginald Turner, review, Academy; Jack Straw; Chapter 21 J.T. Grein, review, Sunday Times; Chapter 22 Max Beerbohm, review, Saturday Review (London); Mrs Dot; Chapter 23 Unsigned review, Illustrated London News; Chapter 24 J.T. Grein, review, Sunday Times; The Explorer; Chapter 25 J.T. Grein, review, Sunday Times; Chapter 26 Max Beerbohm, ‘How Dare He?’ Saturday Review (London); Penelope; Chapter 27 J.T. Grein, review, Sunday Times; Chapter 28 William Archer, ‘Penelope and Popularity’, Nation (London); Smith; Chapter 29 J.T. Grein, review, Sunday Times; Chapter 30 Unsigned review, Athenaeum; The Tenth Man; Chapter 31 J.T. Grein, review, Sunday Times; Grace (Landed Gentry); Chapter 32 J.T. Grein, review, Sunday Times; Loaves and Fishes; Chapter 33 Unsigned review, ‘Mr Maugham’s New Play’, Times; Chapter 34, A.A.] M[ilne], review, Punch; The Land of Promise; Chapter 35 Unsigned review, ‘Maugham’s Play Pleases at the Lyceum’, New York Times; Chapter 36 J.T. Grein, Review, Sunday Times; Chapter 37 S.O., ‘Pygmalion (at Home and Abroad)’, English Review; Part 3 Books; Of Human Bondage; Chapter 38 Unsigned review, Times Literary Supplement; Chapter 39 Gerald Gould, review, New Statesman; Chapter 40 Unsigned review, Athenaeum; Chapter 41 Theodore Dreiser, ‘As a Realist Sees It’, New Republic; Chapter 42 Marcus Aurelius Goodrich, ‘After Ten Years of Of Human Bondage’, New York Times; The Moon and Sixpence; Chapter 43 K[atherine] M[ansfield], ‘Inarticulations’, Athenaeum; Chapter 44 Unsigned review, ‘The Primitive Man’, Saturday Review (London); Chapter 45 Maxwell Anderson, ‘In Vishnu-Land What Avatar?’ Dial; The Trembling of a Leaf; Chapter 46 Louise Maunsell Field, review, New York Times; Chapter 47 Unsigned review, Saturday Review (London); Chapter 48 Rebecca West, review, New Statesman; On a Chinese Screen; Chapter 49 Louise Maunsell Field, ‘Maugham’s Chinese Sketches’, New York Times; Chapter 50 Gerald Gould, review, Saturday Review (London); The Painted Veil; Chapter 51 Unsigned review,‘Mr Maugham Excels as a Craftsman’, New York Times; Chapter 52 P.C. Kennedy, review, New Statesman; Chapter 53 Unsigned review, Times Literary Supplement; The Casuarina Tree; Chapter 54 L.P. Hartley, review, Saturday Review (London); Chapter 55 Edwin Muir, review, Nation and Athenaeum; Chapter 56 Henry Albert Phillips, ‘In the Shadow of the Casuarina Tree’, New York Evening Post; Ashenden; Chapter 57 Edward Shanks, review, London Mercury; Chapter 58 D.H. Lawrence, ‘Four Contemporary Books’, Vogue; Chapter 59 Unsigned review, ‘Mr Maugham’s Latest’, New York Times; The Gentleman in the Parlour; Chapter 60 Unsigned review, Times Literary Supplement; Chapter 61 Bellamy Part ridge, ‘Rare Traveler’, New York Herald Tribune; Chapter 62 Arthur Colton, ‘Travelling with Composure’, Saturday Review of Literature (New York); Cakes and Ale; Chapter 63 Ivor Brown, ’Private Lives’, Observer; Chapter 64 Evelyn Waugh, ‘The Books You Read’, Graphic; Chapter 65 Leslie A. Marchand, ‘Maugham Paints a Sardonic Portrait’, New York Times; Six Stories Written in the First Person Singular; Chapter 66 Lee Wilson Dodd,’Set of Six’, Saturday Review of Literature (New York); Chapter 67 L. A. G. Strong, ‘The Test That Failed’, Spectator; The Narrow Corner; Chapter 68 Anne Armstrong, review, Saturday Review (London); Chapter 69 Florence Haxton Britten, ‘A Cynical, Gifted Story Teller’, New York Herald Tribune; Ah King; Chapter 70 William Plomer, review, Spectator; Chapter 71 Florence Haxton Britten, ‘Maugham’s Tragic Tales’, New York Herald Tribune; Part 4 Plays; Caroline (the Unattainable); Chapter 72 J.T. Grein, review, Sunday Times; Our Betters; Chapter 73 Unsigned review, New York Evening Post; Chapter 74 Desmond MacCarthy, review, New Statesman; Caesar’s Wife; Chapter 75 Unsigned review, Times; Chapter 76 William Archer, review, Weekly Review (New York); Home and Beauty (Too Many Husbands); Chapter 77, Aldous] H[uxley], ‘A Good Farce’, Athenaeum; Chapter 78 Alexander Woollcott, ‘A Delightful Maugham Farce’, New York Times; The Unknown; Chapter 79 Unsigned review, Times; Chapter 80 Frank Swinnerton, review, Nation (London); The Circle; Chapter 81 Desmond MacCarthy, review, New Statesman; Chapter 82 W.J. Turner, review, London Mercury; East of Suez; Chapter 83 James Agate, ‘West of Suez’, Saturday Review (London); Chapter 84 Desmond MacCarthy, review, New Statesman; The Constant Wife; Chapter 85 Robert Benchley, ‘Something Good’, Life; Chapter 86 Ivor Brown, ‘Heartless House’, Saturday Review (London); The Letter; Chapter 87 Unsigned review, Times; Chapter 88 Ivor Brown, ‘Here Are Tigers’, Saturday Review (London); The Sacred Flame; Chapter 89 J. Brooks Atkinson, ‘Murder Will Out at II’, New York Times; Chapter 90 J.T. Grein, ‘Three Leading Ladies’, Illustrated London News; The Breadwinner; Chapter 91 Desmond MacCarthy, ‘Two Comedies’, New Statesman; Chapter 92 J.B. Priestley, ‘A Letter from England’, Saturday Review of Literature (New York); For Services Rendered; Chapter 93 Peter Fleming, review, Spectator; Chapter 94 J.T. Grein, ‘Two Gifted Pessimists’, Illustrated London News; Sheppey; Chapter 95 Desmond MacCarthy, ‘Mr Maugham’s New Play’, New Statesman; Chapter 96 J.T. Grein, ‘Somerset Maugham’s New Play’, Illustrated London News; Part 5 Books; East and West; Altogether; Chapter 97 Louis Kronenberger, ‘The Story-Telling Art of Mr Maugham’, New York Times; Chapter 98 Raymond Mortimer, ‘Re-reading Mr Maugham’, New Statesman and Nation; Chapter 99 Graham Greene, ‘Maugham’s Short Stories’, Spectator; Don Fernando; Chapter 100 Graham Greene, ‘Spanish Gold’, Spectator; Chapter 101 Raymond Mortimer,‘Mr Maugham’, New Statesman and Nation; Chapter 102 Terence Holliday, ‘The Love Story of Mr Maugham and Spain’, New York Herald Tribune; Chapter 103 Osbert Sitwell, ‘The Spain of Somerset Maugham’, London Mercury; Cosmopolitans; Chapter 104 Florence Haxton Britten, review, New York Herald Tribune; Chapter 105 Unsigned review, ‘Mr Maugham’s Mixture as Before’, Times; Theatre; Chapter 106 Bernard DeVoto, ‘Master of Two Dimensions’, Saturday Review of Literature (New York); Chapter 107 Elizabeth Bowen, ‘A Straight Novel’, New Statesman and Nation; The Summing Up; Chapter 108 Montgomery Belgion, review, Criterion; Chapter 109 Graham Greene, ‘Maugham’s Pattern’, Spectator; Chapter 110 Stephen Vincent Benét, ‘A Self-Taught Trade’, Saturday Review of Literature (New York); Chapter 111 Malcolm Cowley, ‘The Maugham Enigma’, New Republic; Christmas Holiday; Chapter 112 Evelyn Waugh, ‘The Technician’, Spectator; Chapter 113 Richard A. Cordell, ‘Five-Day Adventure’, Saturday Review of Literature (New York); Books and You; Chapter 114 Lorine Pruette, ‘How to Like to Read’, New York Herald Tribune; The Mixture as Before; Chapter 115 V.S. Pritchett, review, New Statesman and Nation; Chapter 116 Iris Barry, ‘Midsummer Nights’ Fare’, New York Herald Tribune; Up at the Villa; Chapter 117 Morton Dauwen Zabel, ‘A Cool Hand’, Nation (New York); Chapter 118 Pamela Hansford Johnson, ‘Bread and Circuses’, Books of the Month; The Hour Before the Dawn; Chapter 119 Unsigned review, Nation (New York); Chapter 120 R. Ellis Roberts, The Art of Somerset Maugham’, Saturday Review of Literature (New York); The Razor’s Edge; Chapter 121 Joseph Warren Beach, ‘Maugham Considers Mystics’, New York Times; Chapter 122 Diana Trilling, review, Nation (New York); Chapter 123 Kate O’Brien, review, Spectator; Chapter 124 Cyril Connolly, ‘The Art of Being Good’, New Statesman and Nation; Then and Now; Chapter 125 V.C. Clinton-Baddeley, review, Spectator; Chapter 126 Edmund Wilson, ‘Somerset Maugham and an Antidote’, New Yorker; Creatures of Circumstance; Chapter 127 Olivia Manning, review, Spectator; Chapter 128 Charles Lee, ‘Mr Maugham, Still Urbane’, New York Times; Catalina; Chapter 129 Paul Bloomfield, review, Manchester Guardian; Chapter 130 Orville Prescott, review, New York Times; Great Novelists and Their Novels; Ten novels and Their a Authors; Chapter 131 John W. Aldridge, ‘Mr Maugham’s Ten Sheared Candidates’, Saturday Review of Literature (New York); Chapter 132 Noël Annan, review, New Statesman and Nation; A Writer’s Notebook; Chapter 133 Charles Morgan, ‘Maugham’s Workshop’, Spectator; Chapter 134 V.S. Pritchett, review, New Statesman and Nation; Chapter 135 W.H. Auden, ‘Notebooks of Somerset Maugham’, New York Times; Chapter 136 S.N. Behrman, ‘The Notes of a Popular Pessimist’, New Yorker; The Vagrant Mood; Chapter 137 Sir John Squire, ‘Somerset Maugham as Essayist’, Illustrated London News; Chapter 138 Christopher Morley, ‘The Maugham Seesaw’, New York Times; Points of View; Chapter 139 Frank Kermode, ‘Eminently Readable’, Manchester Guardian; Chapter 140 Karl G. Pfeiffer, ‘Mr Maugham’s Valedictory’, New York Herald Tribune; Part 6 General Studies (1919–1965); Chapter 141 J.P. Collins, ‘W. Somerset Maugham, Playwright and Novelist’, Bookman (London); Chapter 142 H.E. Bates on the modern short story; Chapter 143 Sewell Stokes, ‘W. Somerset Maugham’, Theatre Arts (New York); Chapter 144 Unsigned leading article, ‘Somerset Maugham’, Times Literary Supplement; Chapter 145 Unsigned leading article, ‘Maugham at 80’, New York Times; Chapter 146 John Raymond, review of The Maugham Enigma*An Anthology of Criticism, ed. K.W. Jonas (London, 1954). and The Vagrant Mood, New Statesman and Nation; Chapter 147 J.D. Scott, ‘The Maugham Effect’, Spectator; Chapter 148 Christopher Isherwood on the Eastern stories; Chapter 149 Walter Allen, ‘Summing up Somerset Maugham at 90’, New York Times; Chapter 150 Cyril Connolly, ‘Maugham: Compassionate Cynic’, Sunday Times;

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