WASTES 2015 - Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities : Selected papers from the 3rd Edition of the International Conference on Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities, Viana Do Castelo, Portugal,14-16 September 2015 book cover
1st Edition

WASTES 2015 - Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities
Selected papers from the 3rd Edition of the International Conference on Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities, Viana Do Castelo, Portugal,14-16 September 2015

ISBN 9781138028821
Published September 3, 2015 by CRC Press
378 Pages

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Book Description

This volume presents a selection of papers from the WASTES 2015 conference, a platform for scientists and industries from the waste management and recycling sectors from around the world, who shared experiences and knowledge at the meeting. Covering discussions regarding the balance between economic, environmental and social outcomes, the development of innovative techniques, tools and strategies on how wastes can be transformed into good ideas. Improving both the overall environmental performance and the understanding of the industry impact on the environment, as well as the options analysis for its improvement were key objectives of this conference.

With this publication it is expected to take the scope of this event beyond the limits of its physical occurrence by providing both scientists, professionals and the general public with an instrument that is the materialization of the main contributions to WASTES 2015.

Table of Contents


Evaluation of foamed bitumen efficiency in warm asphalt mixtures recycling
L. Abreu, J. Oliveira, H. Silva, D. Palha & P. Fonseca

Building an integrated perception and attitude towards municipal solid waste management in Nigeria
O.M. Aderoju, A. Guerner Dias & R. Guimarães

Kinetic study of the pyrolysis of the wastes tire components
N. Akkouche, M. Balistrou, K. Loubar & M. Tazerout

Valorization of inorganic waste, end of waste and by-product for ceramics
L. Barbieri, F. Andreola, R. Taurino, I. Lancellotti & C. Leonelli

Use of different inorganic solid wastes to produce glass foams
A.R. Barbosa, A.A.S. Lopes, R.C.C. Monteiro & F. Castro

Improving selective collection of urban waste using a business intelligence system
O. Belo, B. Oliveira, M. Medeiros, M. Leite & P. Faria

Remediation of soils contaminated with Zinc by Miscanthus
S. Boléo, A.L. Fernando, B. Barbosa, J. Costa, M.P. Duarte & B. Mendes

Anaerobic co-digestion of cork based oil sorbent and cow manure or sludge
A.J. Cavaleiro, T.M. Neves, A.P. Guedes, M.M. Alves, P. Pinto, S.P. Silva & D.Z. Sousa

Altering process conditions to enhance amine loading of clinoptilolite
B. Cene, Y.A. Aydın & N. Deveci Aksoy

Glycerolysis of two high free fatty acid waste materials for biodiesel production
E.T. Costa, M.F. Almeida, J.M. Dias & A. Matos

The effect of a joint clay-microorganism system to treat Ni and diethylketone solutions
F. Costa, B. Silva & T. Tavares

Plastic waste use as aggregate and binder modifier in open-graded asphalts
L. Costa, H. Silva, J. Oliveira, S. Fernandes, E. Freitas & L. Hilliou

Physical analysis methods of municipal solid waste of Santo Andre
K.C.R. Drudi, A.M.P. Neto, G. Martins, G.C. Antonio, J.T.C.L. Toneli, R. Drudi, C.H.S. Cenedese & L. Silva

Can oil, plastic and RAP wastes have a new life in novel asphalt mixtures?
S. Fernandes, L. Costa, H. Silva, J. Oliveira, A. Machado & F. Duarte

Organic load of substrata for wastewater treatment constructed wetlands
A.B. Ferreira, L.M. Oliveira, I.A.-P. Mina & A.M. Almeida

A decision support system for a waste collection vehicle routing problem
J.A. Ferreira, J.A. Oliveira & M. Figueiredo

Quality requirements for the biomass in the SUDOE region
J. Ferreira, J.C.F. Teixeira, M.E.C. Ferreira & J. Araújo

Evaluation of briquettes made from amazonian biomass waste
R.F.B. Gonçalves, M.O. Silva, D.R.S. Guerra & M.F.M. Nogueira

Evaluation the feasibility of AIMD waste treatment focused in metal recovery
R. Guimarães, V. Leal, A. Guerner Dias & J. Carvalho

Wastes materials in geopolymers
I. Lancellotti, C. Ponzoni, L. Barbieri & C. Leonelli

The collection and transport of differentiated waste and CO2 emission
A.R. Leitão, S. Paixão, N. Sá, A. Ferreira & J.P. Figueiredo

Sonication of olive pomace to improve xylanases production by SSF
P. Leite, J.M. Salgado, L. Abrunhosa, A. Venâncio & I. Belo

Estimationofresidue biomassinthe Oka river basin (Spain)
E. Mateos & J.M. Edeso

Valorizationofcooked quail egg residues
C.E. Mathieu, A. Lung, L. Candy & C. Raynaud

Waste prevention and educationinfive European countries
K. Matthes, G. Schelstraete, B. Sturm, J. Janela, M. Bours, A. Gutschi & A.P. Martinho

Toxicity measurement techniques for building materials with wastes
P. Mendes, H. Silva & J. Aguiar

Shared responsibility and reverse logistics: Study of a sectorial agreement in Brazil
C.B. Milano, A. Santi, C.D. Santiago, E. Pugliesi & F.L. Lizarelli

Decolorization of metal complex dye reactive blue 221 by pseudomonas aeruginosa BDS23
S. Mumtaz, N.H. Malik & S. Ahmed

Torrefaction effects on composition and quality of biomass wastes pellets
C. Nobre, M. Gonçalves, B. Mendes, C. Vilarinho & J. Teixeira

The role of automated sorting in the recovery of aluminium alloys waste
C.A. Nogueira, M.A. Trancoso, F. Pedrosa, A.T. Crujeira, P.C. Oliveira, A.M. Gonçalves,

F. Margarido, R. Novais Santos, F. Durão & C. GuimarãesMining tailing reuse in sulfobelitic clinker formulations
J. Nouairi, M. Medhioub, L. Senff, W. Hajjaji, F. Rocha, R. Novais, L. Beruberri & J.A. Labrincha

Fractionation of oily sludges produced in the treatment of hydrocarbon wastes
A.P. Oliveira, M. Gonçalves, C. Nobre, B. Mendes, M. Vilarinho & F. Castro

Aspergillus ibericus lipase production by solid-state fermentation of olive pomace
F. Oliveira, L. Abrunhosa, A. Venâncio, I. Belo, N. Pérez-Rodríguez & J.M. Domínguez

Scale-up of aspergillus ibericus lipase production by solid-state fermentation
F. Oliveira, A. Venâncio, I. Belo, N. Pérez-Rodríguez & J.M. Domínguez

New integrated polyphenols recovery and anaerobic digestion of Alpeorujo
M. Orive, B. Iñarra, M. Cebrián & J. Zufía

Characterization of Construction and Demolition Wastes (C&DW)/geogrid interfaces
P.M. Pereira, C.S. Vieira & M.L. Lopes

Strategies for the treatmentofmetallurgical recycling slags
C. Pichler & J. Antrekowitsch

Alkaline hydrolysis appliedtoanimal tissues treatment
S.C. Pinho, M.F. Almeida & O.P. Nunes

Separation of plastics: Jigging versus froth flotation
F.A. Pita, L.A. Menezes, A.M. Castilho, N. Rodrigues & J.A. Pratas

Full-scale vermicomposting of sludge from milk plants with pulpand paper mill sludge
M. Quintern, M. Morley & B. Seaton

Risk management in landfills. A public health perspective
B. Rani-Borges & J.M.P. Vieira

Lead (II) adsorption by modified eggshell waste
A. Ribeiro, J. Carvalho & C. Vilarinho

Irregular disposal of unserviceable tires in Brazil and management proposals
M.C. Rizk & A.C.C. Gomes

Diagnosis of food waste generation in a university restaurant
M.C. Rizk & B.A. Perão

Anaerobic co-digestion of fruit and vegetable wastes with different substrates
M.C. Rizk, R. Bergamasco & C.R.G. Tavares

Waste management state plans – The tip of the iceberg on waste management solutions
C. Santiago, E. Pugliesi, A. Santi & C. Milano

A waste rock and bioash mixture as a road stabilization product
M. Sarkkinen, T. Luukkonen & K. Kemppainen

‘Ecofreguesias’ experience: Some contributions for local sustainable waste management
L. Schmidt & S. Valente

Evaluation of cork as a natural sorbent for oil spill treatments
A. Sen & H. Pereira

The mounds of Estremoz marble waste: Between refuse and reuse
C.F. Silva & L.D. Esteves

New valorization strategies for Eucalyptus spp. bark extracts
F.S. Silva, A.R. Guerra, M.F. Duarte, B. Soares, S.R. Freire, A.J.D. Silvestre, C. Calçada, C. Pereira-Wilson & C.F. Lima

Fixed bed adsorption dynamics of CO2/CH4 mixtures in zeolite 13X for biogas upgrading
J.A.C. Silva & A.E. Rodrigues

Sewage Sludge Ash (SSA) as a phosphate fertilizer in the aspect of legal regulations
M. Smol, A. Henclik, J. Kulczycka, B. Tarko, K. Gorazda & Z. Wzorek

Effect of amendment of urine on clayey sandy soil salinity
M. Sou/Dakouré, F. Kagabika, D. Sangaré, B. Sawadago, A.H. Maïga, R. Lahmar & N. Hijikata

The co-processing operation in Latin America and Europe cement industries
F.N. Stafford, D. Hotza, J. Labrincha, L. Arroja & A.C. Dias

Potential of residues to contribute to the supply of minor metals
S. Steinlechner & J. Antrekowitsch

Collection of waste batteries in Portugal and Brazil
N. Vieceli, F. Margarido, F. Durão, C. Guimarães & C.A. Nogueira

The 2sDR process –Innovative treatmentof electric arc furnace dust
S. Wegscheider, S. Steinlechner, C. Pichler, G. Rösler & J. Antrekowitsch

Solid sorbents for rare earths recovery from electronic waste
E.M. Iannicelli Zubiani, C. Cristiani, G. Dotelli & P. Gallo Stampino

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Candida Vilarinho, Fernando Castro, Mário Russo