1st Edition

Walking the Talk The Business Case for Sustainable Development

    The authors argue the business case for sustainable development in this study that explores a range of issues beginning with corporate social responsibility and ending with eco-efficiency.

    Part I: The FoundationThe Business Case for Sustainable Development  Part II: The 10 Building Blocks1. The Market2. The Right Frame3. Eco-efficiency4. Corporate Social Responsibility5. Learning to Change6. From Dialogue to Partnerships7. Informing and Providing Consumer Choice8. Innovation9. Reflecting the Worth of the Earth10. Making Markets Work for All


    Charles O Holliday Jr. Stephan Schmidheiny, Phillip Watts

    ... this is an excellent book on corporate responsibility ... everyone is going to find some practical advice that will help them get on with the job, especially those readers that are in the privileged position to be responsible for creating the leadership vision of corporate responsibility. - Ethical Corporation |

    Where this book scores is on making the point that the business of business should be a humane one, that social justice is at the heart of business and that, currently, markets are flawed by not including full-price costing for environmental and social impacts. - The Journal of Corporate Citizenship

     ... this book is most welcome as an example of a group – the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) – of multi-nationals and their leaders showing a willingness to draw the circle to include more than the narrow, short-term self interest of their companies. I think this book is of major importance – so I'm not going to chip away at it in the usual manner of reviewers. Why? Because this book is that important and it matters that the authors have their say. Please, please read this book. - ManagementLearning.Com

    ... it is a primer in a novel and controversial approach to corporate organisation and management, as practised by the 160 or so member companies of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). - Chemistry in Britain