1st Edition

Wanted, More than Human Intellectual Property Animal Authors and Human Machines

By Johanna Gibson Copyright 2025
    522 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book analyses animal creativity in order to unsettle the dominant assumptions that underpin current ideas of authorship and ownership in intellectual property.

    Drawing upon theories of animal behaviour and cognitive ethology, the book exposes and disrupts the anthropocentrism that informs prevailing assumptions about creativity, intentionality and authorship within the field of intellectual property. Moving on to challenge the invocation of a more general human-nonhuman distinction in this context, the book also engages the challenge to this distinction posed by artificial intelligence. Incorporating critical animal studies, behavioural science, ethology, critical legal studies and legal philosophy, the book presents a new idea of creativity, which undermines the kind of rivalrous models now common in the field of intellectual property.

    This book will be of considerable interest for those studying and teaching in the area of intellectual property, as well as in animal law. It will also appeal to legal theorists and others working in the social sciences in the areas of posthumanism and animal studies.

    Part 1 The Philosopher 1. A Word Between Us 2. The Common Touch 3. What Is It Like To Be An Author? Part 2 The Ants 4. Ant People 5. A Theory Of Everything 6. Pay Attention, Stupid Part 3 Mercury 7. Turn To Play 8. All Authors Are Liars 9. The Gods Must Be Playful


    Johanna Gibson is Herchel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property Law at Queen Mary, University of London, UK.