1st Edition

War, Citizenship, Territory

Edited By Deborah Cowen, Emily Gilbert Copyright 2008

    For all too obvious reasons, war, empire, and military conflict have become extremely hot topics in the academy. Given the changing nature of war, one of the more promising areas of scholarly investigation has been the development of new theories of war and war’s impact on society. War, Citizenship, Territory features 19 chapters that look at the impact of war and militarism on citizenship, whether traditional territorially-bound national citizenship or "transnational" citizenship. Cowen and Gilbert argue that while there has been an explosion of work on citizenship and territory, Western academia’s avoidance of the immediate effects of war (among other things) has led them to ignore war, which they contend is both pervasive and well nigh permanent.  This volume sets forth a new, geopolitically based theory of war’s transformative role on contemporary forms of citizenship and territoriality, and includes empirical chapters that offer global coverage.

    1. ‘Introduction’ Deborah Cowen & Emily Gilbert  Section 1: Technologies of Governing conflict: Citizens at War  2. ‘Resistance, Detention and Speculation on the Onto- Politics of Border Crossings and Seeking Asylum in North America’ Davina Bhandar  3. ‘The Governmental Geography of Homeland Security: Budgetary Management and Risk Mapping’ Stephen Collier  4. ‘Bombs, Bodies, Bits: Acts, Claims, Struggles’ Engin Isin  5. ‘Geographic information systems in military and ‘security’ demographic surveillance’ Nadia Abu-Zhara  Section 2: Reconstituting Citizenship in territories in Conflict  6. ‘Reconstituting Iraq’ Stuart Elden  7. ‘Panic, Civility, and the Homeland’ Matt Farish  8. ‘War, citizenship and diplomacy in Fenianism’ Gerry Kearns  9. ‘Conflict, Citizenship, and Human Security: Feminist Geographies of War’ Jennifer Hyndman  Section 3: Citizenship in Post-War Spaces  10. ‘Unreliable Chinese: internal security and the devaluation and expansion of citizenship in postwar Hong Kong’ Alan Smart  11. ‘War veterans, disability and post-colonial citizenship in Lusophone Africa’ Marcus Power  12. ‘Violence, militarism and bodies in West Germany’ Matt Hannah  13. ‘The Role of Truth Commissions and Restitution in the Reconstitution of Citizenship in Post-Conflict Settings in Latin America’ Maureen Hays-Mitchell  Section 4: War and Intimate Citizenship  14. ‘‘I’m doing this for my mates’: Citizenship, military participation and the contemporary British Army’ Rachel Woodward  15. ‘Fear, Homeland Security and the Familial: Politicizing Emotion in US Domestic Policy, Geopolitics and the War on Terror’ Deborah Cowen & Emily Gilbert  16. ‘Embodying the Territorial Military Practices of the Hegemonic State: The Soldier Overseas and Militarism in the United States of America’ Colin Flint  17. ‘A War on the Boundary of Memory: State and Gender in Jewish Israel’ Tamar Mayer  18. ‘Governing citizens, policing purity: The sexual detention of American women in World War One’ Abigail Barnes  19. ‘Afterword’ Neil Smith


    Deborah Cowen, Emily Gilbert