1st Edition

War In Croatia And Bosnia-Herz

By Branka Magas, Noel Malcolm, Ivo Zanic Copyright 2002
    432 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First published in 2001. The main focus of this book is on a particular topic: the internal military political history of the war in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. In other words, it examines the actual policies of the military and political leaderships in those two countries, and the ways in which those policies were formed or deformed by political purposes, strategic aims and military logistical constraints. It is a topic central to any proper understanding of how and why the war developed as it did.

    Introduction, Norman Cigar et al. Part 1 The war in Croatia: the road to war, Stjepan Mesic; the first phase, 1990-1992 - the JNA prepares for aggression and Croatia for defence, Martin Spegelj; the war in Slovenia and Croatia up to the Sarajevo ceasefire, Anton Tus; operations Flash and Storm, Ozren Zunec; termination and aftermath of the war in Croatia, Dusan Bilandzic; discussion. Part 2 The war in Bosnia-Herzegovina: the road to war, Rusmir Mahmutcehajic; the first phase, 1992-93 - struggle for survival and genesis of the Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Jovan Divjak; civilian-military relations in Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-95, Marko Attila Hoare; Serb war effort and termination of the war, Norman Cigar; discussion. Part 3 International response - lessons for the future: the international community's response to the crisis in former Yugoslavia, Paul Williams; international military responses to the Balkan wars - crises in analysis, Warren H. Switzer; discussion. Part 4 Addendum: who wants to be a soldier? -the call-up crisis - an analytical overview of media reports, Ofelija Backovic et al. Part 5 Appendix: chronology 1985-1995.


    Branka Magas is a historian, journalist and commentator on former Yugoslavia, author of The Destruction of Yugoslavia: She is currently completing a book on the history of Croatia. Ivo Zanic is a freelance writer and researcher, appointed in 2001 to a lectureship in media studies at the University of Zagreb. He has a doctorate from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb.