1st Edition

War and Democratization Legality, Legitimacy and Effectiveness

Edited By Wolfgang Merkel, Sonja Grimm Copyright 2009
    226 Pages
    by Routledge

    226 Pages
    by Routledge

    Promotion of democracy in post-war and post-conflict societies became a topic during the 1990s. The book deals with the legality, legitimacy and effectiveness of military interventions where the international community of states not only felt impelled to engage in military humanitarian or peace-building missions but also in long-term state- and democracy-building. External actors particularly engaged in four modes, namely enforcing democratization by enduring post-war occupation (mode 1); restoring an elected government by military intervention (mode 2); intervening in on-going massacres and civil war with military forces (‘humanitarian intervention’) and thereby curbing the national sovereignty of those countries (mode 3) and forcing democracy on rogue states by ‘democratic intervention’, in other words democracy through war (mode 4). The contributions link juridical and philosophical reflections on just war ad bellum with empirical evidence post bellum in Afghanistan, Georgia, Serbia, Croatia, Cambodia and East Timor. All empirical analyses stress the complexity and difficulties to establish democracy in post-conflict societies driven or monitored by external actors. Such an endeavour implies a comprehensive agenda of political, social, and economic methods of peace-building. However, if external actors withdraw before the roots of democracy are deep enough and before democratic institutions are strong enough to stand alone, then the entire endeavour may fail.

    This book was originally published as a special issue of Democratization.

    1. War and Democratization: Legality, Legitimacy and Effectiveness  Sonja Grimm and Wolfgang Merkel
    2. Basic Principles of Law as Normative Foundations of, and Limits to, Military Enforcement of Human Rights Across State Boundaries  Reinhard Merkel Democracy through War?  Wolfgang Merkel Democratization and War in Political Science  Lars-Erik Cederman, Simon Hug and Andreas Wenger
    3. External Democratization after War: Success and Failure  Sonja Grimm
    4. Democratization after Civil Wars - Key Problems and Experiences  Jochen Hippler
    5. Democratization and Transitional Justice  Mark Arenhovel
    6. Democratization, State-building and War: The Cases of Serbia and Croatia  Nenad Zakosek
    7. Conflict Resolution through Democracy Promotion? The Role of the OSCE in Georgia  Pamela Jawad
    8. Democratizing a Dependent State: The Case of Afghanistan  Astri Suhrke
    9. The Perils and Promises of Democratization through United Nations Transitional Authority - Lessons from Cambodia and East Timor  Aurel Croissant


    Wolfgang Merkel is Director at the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB) and Professor of Political Science at the Humboldt University at Berlin, Germany.

    Sonja Grimm is researcher at the Department of Politics and Management, University of Konstanz, Germany.