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War and International Politics in South Asia

About the Series

This Series seeks to foster original and rigorous scholarship on the dynamics of war and international politics in South Asia. Following Clausewitz, war is understood as both a political and a social phenomenon which manifests itself in a variety of forms ranging from total wars to armed insurrections. International politics is closely intertwined with it, for war not only plays an important role in the formation of an international order but also a threat to its continued existence. The Series will therefore focus on the international as well as domestic dimensions of war and security in South Asia. Comparative studies with other geographical areas are also of interest.

A fundamental premise of this Series is that we cannot do justice to the complexities of war by studying it from any single, privileged academic standpoint; the phenomenon is best explained in a multidisciplinary framework. The Series welcomes a wide array of approaches, paradigms and methodologies, and is interested in historical, theoretical, and policy-oriented scholarship. In addition to monographs, the Series will from time to time publish collections of essays.

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Fighting Like a Guerrilla The Indian Army and Counterinsurgency

Fighting Like a Guerrilla: The Indian Army and Counterinsurgency

1st Edition

By Rajesh Rajagopalan
August 10, 2018

This book deals with two significant issues: the peculiar and paradoxical question of why regular armies, better suited to fighting conventional high-intensity wars, adopt inappropriate measures when fighting guerilla wars; and the evolution of the Indian army’s counterinsurgency doctrine over the ...

India's Nuclear Debate Exceptionalism and the Bomb

India's Nuclear Debate: Exceptionalism and the Bomb

1st Edition

By Priyanjali Malik
January 20, 2016

Making the right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party’s nuclear tests in 1998 its starting point, this book examines how opinion amongst India’s ‘attentive’ public shifted from supporting nuclear abstinence to accepting — and even feeling a need for — a more assertive policy, by examining the complexities ...

India’s Grand Strategy History, Theory, Cases

India’s Grand Strategy: History, Theory, Cases

1st Edition

Edited By Kanti Bajpai, Saira Basit, V. Krishnappa
January 20, 2016

As India prepares to take its place in shaping the course of an ‘Asian century’, there are increasing debates about its ‘grand strategy’ and its role in a future world order. This timely and topical book presents a range of historical and contemporary interpretations and case studies on the theme. ...

Interrogating International Relations India's Strategic Practice and the Return of History

Interrogating International Relations: India's Strategic Practice and the Return of History

1st Edition

By Jayashree Vivekanandan
January 20, 2016

The book interrogates the disciplinary biases and firewalls that inform mainstream international relations today, and problematises the several tropes that have come to typify the strategic histories of post-colonial societies such as India. Questioning a range of long-held cultural representations...

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