1st Edition

War and Society in the Roman World

Edited By Dr John Rich, John Rich, Graham Shipley Copyright 1993

    This volume focuses on the changing relationship between warfare and the Roman citizen body, from the Republic, when war was at the heart of Roman life, through to the Principate, when it was confined to professional soldiers and expansion largely ceased, and finally on to the Late Empire and the Roman army's eventual failure.

    David Braund, University of Exeter; Brian Campbell Queen's University of Belfast; Duncan Cloud, University of Leicester; Tim Cornell, University College, London; Wolfgang Liebeschuetz, University of Nottingham; Stephen Oakley, Emmanuel College, Cambridge; John Patterson, Magdalene College, Cambridge; John Rich, University of Nottingham; Harry Sidebottom, Christi College, Oxford; Dick Whittaker, Churchill College, Cambridge; Greg Woolf, Magdalen College, Oxford; Adam Ziolkowski, University of Warsaw


    John Rich (Edited by) ,  Graham Shipley (Edited by)

    `The twenty-three papers in these volumes are of a high standard of originality and scholarship and form an important contribution to a field of study increasingly at the centre of ancient history.' - Greece & Rome