1st Edition

War and Tropical Forests
Conservation in Areas of Armed Conflict

ISBN 9781560220992
Published March 13, 2003 by CRC Press
234 Pages

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Book Description

Explore the conservation implications of recent armed conflicts in the tropical forest regions of Asia, Africa, and Latin America!

From the lowland rainforests of the Colombian Amazon to the rugged habitat of Rwanda's mountain gorillas, civil, ethnic, and international wars have had severe impacts on tropical forests and the communities they sustain. The reemergence of war and the persistence of its impacts have led many conservationists to reassess their efforts and adapt their strategies to a new set of responsibilities and urgent challenges. War and Tropical Forests: Conservation in Areas of Armed Conflict explores these challenges and the lessons learned by conservationists working in conflict zones around the world. It combines case studies and comparative analyses by leading experts in ecological research, environmental policy, and conservation field programs to provide insight into the environmental dimensions of recent social, political, and humanitarian crises.

War and Tropical Forests reviews lessons learned from conflict zones around the world and explores:

  • the potential of conservation to reduce the frequency, duration, and impact of war
  • preparation of conservation programs and local communities for crises
  • strategies for maintaining conservation capacity during times of conflict
  • the underlying political and economic factors that fuel war
  • legal mechanisms for addressing wartime damage to tropical forests
  • building partnerships amidst civil strife and political upheaval
This essential book also examines:
  • the Indonesian military's role in illegal logging and deforestation
  • violent conflict and gorilla poaching in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • armed movements and forest conservation in Nicaragua's largest protected area
  • and much more!
War and Tropical Forests also addresses the role of militaries in the inequitable control and illicit use of forest resources, the environmental impact of refugees, the growing social and environmental costs of efforts to eradicate drug crops, and the impact of conflict on protected area management in the habitat of Africa's endangered great apes.

War and Tropical Forests is an essential resource for conservation practitioners and policymakers, as well as anyone involved with human rights, conflict resolution, rural development, international law, or foreign relations.

Table of Contents

Preface /@Steven V. Price -- Acknowledgements -- Biodiversity, War, and Tropical Forests /@Jeffrey A. McNeely -- Contras and Comandantes: Armed Movements and Forest Conservation in Nicaragua’s Bosawas Biosphere Reserve /@David Kaimowitz Angelica Faune -- Forests in the Time of Violence: Conservation Implications of the Colombian War /@Maria D. Alvarez -- Lessons Learned from On-the-Ground Conservation in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo /@Andrew J. Plumptre -- Building Partnerships in the Face of Political and Armed Crisis /@Annette Lanjouw -- Bushmeat Poaching and the Conservation Crisis in Kahuzi-Biega National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo /@Juichi Yamagiwa -- The Chainsaw and the Gun: The Role of the Military in Deforesting Indonesia Charles Victor Barber /@Kirk Talbott -- Legal Mechanisms for Addressing Wartime Damage to Tropical Forests /@Jay E. Austin Carl E. Bruch -- List of Acronyms -- Appendix -- Index.

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