1st Edition

Warfare in China Since 1600

Edited By Kenneth Swope Copyright 2005

    Warfare has shaped the modern history of China more than any other single factor. This book brings together the best recent English language scholarship on warfare in China over the last four centuries and situates warfare within the broader sweep of China's modern historical development.

    Contents: Introduction. From Ming to Qing (ca 1600-1800): A few good men: the Li family and China's northern frontier in the late Ming, Kenneth M. Swope; To nourish a strong military: Kangxi's preferential treatment of his military officials, Yingcong Dai; Military mobilization in 17th- and 18th-century China, Russia and Mongolia, Peter C. Perdue; Commemorating war in 18th-century China, Joanna Waley-Cohen. Imperial Decline and Fall (ca 1800-1911): Naval warfare and the refraction of China's self-strengthening reforms into scientific and technological failure 1865-1895, Benjamin A. Elman; Testing the self-strengthening: the Chinese army in the Sino-Japanese war of 1894-1895, Allen Fung; Militia and local militarization in late Qing and early republican China: the case of Hunan, Edward A. McCord. The warlord Era and the Nationalist Decade, 1911-1937: The military in the republic, Hans van de Ven; Civil war and the emergence of warlordism in early 20th-century China, Edward A. McCord; War and the rise of nationalism in 20th-century China, Arthur Waldron. War of Resistance Against Japan and Civil War, 1937-1949: The tragedy of Wuhan, 1938, Stephan MacKinnon; The battle of the hundred regiments: problems of coordination and control during the Sino-Japanese war, Lyman P. van Slyke; Community defence and the Chinese communist revolution: Henan's Du Eight neighbourhood pact, Odoric Y.K. Wou; Guerrilla, mobile and base warfare in communist military operations in Manchuria, 1945-1947, Harold M. Tanner. Post-1949 China: Transplanting the Chinese model: Chinese military advisers and the first Vietnam war, 1950-1954, Qiang Zhai; The Vietnam War, 1964-1969: a Chinese perspective, Xiaoming Zhang; Old ghosts, new memories: China's changing war history in the era of post-Mao politics, Rana Mitter; Name index.


    Kenneth Swope is Professor at the Department of History, Ball State University, USA.