1st Edition

Wassily Leontief Critical Assessments of Leading Economists

    1314 Pages
    by Routledge

    Like all great intellectual pioneers, Wassily Leontief has inspired a new generation of researchers. This collection contains key articles that critically assess Leontief's contribution to economics, as well as a number of articles that build on his economic theories.
    The set is designed to enable historians of economic thought to discern Leontief's specific contribution to the discipline, without losing sight of the interdependence between the various aspects of his work. To facilitate this, articles have been reproduced on a thematic basis.
    Articles have been selected by their importance for historians of economic thought, contemporary economists and policy makers, providing a comprehensive overview of the English language assessment of Leontief's legacy to economic science.

    Volume One
    Part I: General Overviews
    Part II: Construction of Demand and Supply Curves
    Part III: Input-Output: General
    Volume Two
    Part IV: Input-Output: Quesnay, Walras and Leontief
    Part V: Input-Output: Leontief and Sraffa
    Part VI: Input-Output: Stability and Dynamics
    Volume Three
    Part VII: Input-Output: Production, Substitution and Equilibrium Prices
    Part VIII: Input-Output: Pollution and Ecology
    Part IX: Input-Output: Growth
    Part X: The Leontief Paradox