448 Pages
    by CRC Press

    448 Pages
    by CRC Press

    As the American Southwest faces its deepest drought in history, this book explores the provocative notion of “water bankruptcy” with a view towards emphasizing the diversity and complexity of water issues in this region. It bridges between the narratives of growth and the strategies or policies adopted to pursue competing agendas and circumvent the inevitable. A window of opportunity provided by this current long-term drought may be used to induce change by dealing with threats that derive from imbalances between growth patterns and available resources, the primary cause of scarcity.

    A first of its kind, this book was developed through close collaboration of a broad range of natural scientists, social scientists, and resource managers from Europe and United States. It constitutes a collective elaboration of a transdisciplinary approach to unveiling the inner workings of how water was fought for, allocated and used in the American Southwest, with a focus on Arizona. Specifically, it offers an innovative scientific perspective that produces a critical diagnostic evaluation of water management, with a particular view to identifying risks for the Tucson region that is facing continuous urban sprawl and economic growth.


    1 The idea of a transatlantic dialogue

    2 Organization of the book and mind map


    Socio-historic perspectives on water in the American southwest

    3 The Tucson basin

    4 Laws of the river

    5 Water for a new America

    6 Sharing the Colorado River

    7 The making of water policy

    Narratives of urban growth

    8 The social logic of urban sprawl

    9 Water and urban development challenges of urban growth

    10 Comprehensive urban planning

    11 Potential impacts of the continuing urbanization on regional climate

    Ecosystem services and biodiversity

    12 Quantification of water-related ecosystem services

    13 Qualitative assessment of supply and demand of ecosystem services

    14 The role of biodiversity in the hydrological cycle

    Water use and groundwater management

    15 Implications of spatially neutral groundwater management

    16 Groundwater dynamics

    17 Alternative water sources towards increased resilience

    18 Differentiated approaches of groundwater management

    Stakeholders’ perspectives

    19 Presentation

    20 Texts


    21 Bringing all the stories together: Beyond the Tucson case study

    22 Next steps: Collaborative research and training towards transdisciplinarity


    Franck Poupeau, Hoshin Gupta, Aleix Serrat-Capdevila, Maria Sans-Fuentes, Susan Harris, László G. Hayde

    "... this collaborative effort is very successful. In a series of thought-provoking case studies, the authors provide a comprehensive and extraordinarily detailed analysis of a serious issue with ramifications that expand well beyond Arizona"

    R. L. Wallace, Ripon College, USA, in the March 2017 issue of CHOICE Magazine


    "Water Bankruptcy in the Land of Plenty is about water scarcity in Southern Arizona; but though many might think this narrow subject would limit the book's interest to Arizona residents alone, it's recommended for any arid region of the world. as it covers how water scarcity is measured and dealt with.

    The American Southwest is facing its deepest drought in history. This discussion evolved through the collaborative efforts of scientists, resource managers, and social scientists not just from Arizona but from around the world and across the U.S. It thus offers an interdisciplinary approach as it examines the politics and processes of water allocation.

    Technical charts, graphs, discussions of water planning processes and urban development, and applications of hydrological models contribute to chapters that pair data with thought-provoking insights to make for a technical yet accessible water management discussion of special interest to urban planners, resource managers and conservation collections alike."

    Diane Donovan, in 'Donovan's Literary Services' November 2016 Prime Picks' on donovansliteraryservices.com