372 Pages 5 Color & 45 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Co-management is a highly dynamic, evolving, adaptive, and forward looking process. This edited volume covers theoretical background and includes supporting lessons learnt from field experiences. The book has case studies from both North and South America (co-management of fisheries, resilience in near-shore waters of the Great Lakes basin, water level management in Lake Ontario, and case studies from Chile and Brazil), Europe (Tisza river, coastal management and examples of rivers from the Netherlands and from Uzbekistan), Africa (Lake Victoria) and Asia (Pushkar Lake in India).

    Working toward Co-Management of the Raccoon River Watershed in Iowa: The Role of Civil Society
    Sustainable Development and the Water Energy Nexus
    An Analysis of Public Participation in the Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Study
    Co-Generated Knowledge for Co-Management of a Mobile Resource: Anishinabek/Ontario Fisheries Resource Centre
    Barriers and Opportunities to Adaptive Co-management of the Tisza River Basin in Hungary
    Adaptive Co-Management and Learning: Developments in Coastal Management in The Netherlands From 1985 To 2010
    Taking the "Co" out of "Co-Management": The Delegitimization of Fishing Communities on Lake Victoria, E. Africa
    Governance Reform to Secure Resilience in the Nearshore Waters of the Great Lakes Basin
    Co-management of Water Resources in a High Density Environment as a Stimulus for Sustainable Regional Development
    The Roles of Knowledge in the Emergence Co-Management Initiatives for Transboundary Groundwaters: the Case of the Génévois Aquifer
    Guarani Aquifer Co-Management and the Brazilian Experience
    Managing a Multi-objective, Bi-national Study on Rationalizing the State of Upper Great Lakes Water Levels and Development of Improved Regulation Plans
    Irrigation Water Co-Management in the Limarí River Basin, Chile
    Towards Community-Based Management of Water Resources: A Critical Ethnography of Lake and Groundwater Conservation in Pushkar, India
    An Institutional Dynamics of Khorezmian Water Management on the Peasant Level in Uzbekistan: From the Ancient Practices to the Present Situation


    Grover, Velma I.; Krantzberg, Gail

    "The way things are going now with water and environment more generally, it’s clear to me in the end that adaptive co-management may well be the most effective way for humans to ride the transition into our uncertain planetary future."
    —Michael Agar, Ethknoworks LLC, in Water Alternatives