1st Edition

Water Politics The Fragmentation of Western Water Policy

By Thomas T. Holyoke Copyright 2024
    210 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book is about the enactment, adaption, and ultimately fragmentation of government policy regarding the use of water in the American west. It describes its origins, how it became about building big projects, and how it was fragmented by pressures from environmental activism.

    The book also explores the western water crisis in the United States. The case studies used in here will help readers understand water development and the political battles around it in most of the western states to show here how and why the policy changed and even broke down. The book is divided into two parts and describes the different eras of water policy. While most books on water policy focus on its deficiencies for meeting future challenges, Water Politics: The Fragmentation of Western Water Policy attempts to explore why those deficiencies occurred in the first place.

    The book is intended for undergraduate and graduate students in political science and policy studies who are interested in how public policies are enacted, how they change, and how they fall apart over time and why. The book will also be of particular interest to students in other disciplines that deal with water such as environmental studies, geology, sociology, hydrology, and civil engineering.



    Chapter One: Policy Fragmentation

    Part One: Eras of Survival and Accommodation

    Chapter Two: Dreams of Reclamation

    Chapter Three: Pressures to Adapt

    Chapter Four: Politics of the Colorado River

    Chapter Five: Great Projects and Great Controversies

    Part Two: Era of Competition

    Chapter Six: Environmentalism and Glen Canyon

    Chapter Seven: California Cases

    Chapter Eight: Native Water Rights and River Restorations

    Chapter Nine: Groundwater Politics

    Chapter Ten: Fragmented Policy and the Future



    Thomas T. Holyoke is Professor of Political Science and a faculty fellow at the California Water Institute, both at California State University, Fresno. He is a specialist in the study of interest groups and lobbying as well as the development of western water policy. He is the author of dozens of articles and book chapters on interest group politics and the author of three books on these subjects.