1st Edition

Watershed Hydrology, Management and Modeling

Edited By Abrar Yousuf, Manmohanjit Singh Copyright 2020
    208 Pages 3 Color & 18 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    208 Pages 3 Color & 18 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    208 Pages 3 Color & 18 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The book provides a comprehensive insight into watersheds and modeling of the hydrological processes in the watersheds. It covers the concepts of watershed hydrology and watershed management in depth. The basic types, of soil erosion and its measurement and estimation of runoff and soil loss from the small and large watersheds are discussed. Recent advances in the watershed management like the application of remote sensing and GIS and hydrological models are a part of the book. The book serve as a guide for professional and competitive examinations for undergraduate students of Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering and graduate students of Soil Science, Soil and Water Engineering, Agricultural Physics, Hydrology and Watershed Management.

    1. Watershed Hydrology and Management
       Anil Bhardwaj

       Hydrologic Cycle
       Hydrology and Watershed
       Scales in Hydrology
       Hydrology of Small vs. Large Watersheds
       Watershed as Hydrologic System
       Global vs. Watershed Hydrologic System
       Watershed Hydrologic Processes
       Watershed Hydrologic Budget
       Watershed Hydrology and Health
       Managing Watershed Hydrology

    2. Runoff and Rain water Harvesting
       Junaid N. Khan, Rohitashw Kumar and Abrar Yousuf

       Factors affecting Runoff
       Estimation of Runoff
       Direct Measurement of Runoff
       Stage Level Recorder
       Current Meter
       Rain Water Harvesting Techniques
       Rainwater Harvesting in Farm Ponds
       Design of Farm Pond

    3. Basics of Soil Erosion
       MJ Singh and Kerstin Hartsch

       On-site Effects
       Off-site Effects
       Types of Soil Erosion
       Factors affecting Water Erosion
       Stages of Soil Erosion

    4. Measurement of Soil Erosion by Water
       MJ Singh and S.S. Kukal

       Soil Erosion Hazard Assessment
       Measurement of Soil Erosion
       Laboratory Measurements of Soil Loss
       Rainfall Simulation
       Rill Erosion Measurement
       Gully Erosion Measurement

    5. Measures to Control Soil Erosion
       Abrar Yousuf, Jonas Lenz and Eajaz Ahmad Dar

       Soil Conservation Strategies
       Agronomic Measures to Control Soil Erosion
       Mechanical Measures to Control Soil Erosion
       Soil Stabilizers/Additives/Conditioners

    6. Gully Erosion and its Control
       Mahesh Chand Singh

       Stages of gully development
       Classification of gully
       Causes of gully formation
       Adverse Impacts of Gully Erosion
       Gully Control Measures

    7. Soil Erosion by Water -Model Concepts and Applications
       Jurgen Schmidt and Michael von Werner

       Empirical Models
       Physically Based Simulation Models

    8. SWAT Model and its Application
       V.K. Bhatt and A.K. Tiwari

       Erosion Models for Estimating Soil Erosion
       SWAT model
       Evaluation of SWAT Model in Lower Himalayas

    9. Watershed Management in 21st Century
       Seyed Hamidreza Sadeghi

       Why Watershed Management?
       Optimizing Land Use Utilization
       Monitoring based Watershed Management
       Adaptive Watershed Management

    10. Bio-industrial Watershed Management
       Sanjay Arora

       Watershed Development and Management Approach
       Principles of Watershed Management
       Watershed Management and Multiple Use Concept
       Integrated Watershed Management Approach
       Bio-industrial Watershed Management Approach
       Bio-Industrial Watershed Opportunities in Hilly Region
       Contract Farming and Bio-industrial Watershed Management
       Way Forward for Bio-industrial watersheds

    11. Land Evaluation: A General Perspective
       K. Karthikeyan, Nirmal Kumar, Balkrishna S. Bhople and R.K.Naitam

       Land Evaluation
       Land Use Planning
       Land Evaluation for Land Use Planning
       Objectives of Land Evaluation
       Land Use Planning and Sustainable Development
       From Qualitative to Quantitative Land Evaluation
       Land Capability Classification
       Land Irrigability Classification
       Land Capability Index
       Land Suitability Classification
       Future Perspectives


    Abrar Yousuf, M. Tech. Soil and Water Engineering, is a Scientist at Regional Research Station, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India. His specialization includes hydrological modeling, watershed management, remote sensing and GIS and rainwater management. He has authored a number of research articles in journals of national and international repute.

    Manmohanjit Singh, Ph.D. Soil Science, is Director and Chief Scientist, Regional Research Station, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India. He specializes in quantification and management of soil erosion, on-farm water management, dryland agriculture, soil quality assessment and watershed management. He has authored more than 200 publications and is recipient of various professional awards.