1st Edition

Wave 2002: Wave Propagation - Moving Load - Vibration Reduction Proceedings of the WAVE 2002 Workshop, Yokohama, Japan, 2002

Edited By N. Chouw, G. Schmid Copyright 2003

    Detailing the proceedings of the Wave 2002 workshop at Okayama University in Japan, this collection of eighteen peer-reviewed papers concerns the issue of the ground vibration and noise caused by construction activities, explosions in the ground, or high-speed trains.
    Providing key information for engineers, researchers, scientists, practitioners, teachers and students working in the field of structural dynamics or soil dynamics, this text also includes a useful address list in the appendix to enable readers to gather further information if required.

    Ground vibrations and blast induced vibrations, The dynamic response of structures induced by blasting, Characteristics of dynamic response and damage of RC structures to blast ground, Motion, Ground vibrations caused by soil compaction, Analyses on accumulation of propagating ground surface wave under running train, Soil-structure interaction due to moving loads, Numerical simulation of blast wave propagation in soil mass, Moving load’ Investigation of ground vibrations in the vicinity of a train track embankment, Peculiarities of vibrations of a layered inhomogeneous medium under the action of a load moving on its surface, Investigation on soil-viaduct-pile vibrations induced by passing trains, Vibration reduction, Reduction of response and first excursion probability for random excitation using nonlinear characteristics, Impediment of wave propagation from a moving source via the subsoil into the building, Efficient numerical approach for the analysis of vibrations due to moving load, Enhanced response through supplementary friction damper devices, Nonstationary robust vibration control for moving wire, Reduction measures in track for Shinkansen-induced ground vibrations, Track-soil analysis, Three-dimensional analysis of subway track vibrations due to running wheels, A three-dimensional FEM/BEM model for the investigation of railway tracks, Instability of vibrations of a moving vehicle on an elastic structure, Numerical and experimental investigation, Hybrid experimental-numerical simulation of vibrating structures, Centrifuge simulations of wave propagation using a moving load system, Dynamic response of a plate element of a steel girder caused by high-speed train, Experimental validation of a numerical prediction model for traffic induced vibrations, by in situ experiments, Properties of train-induced vibration at railway tunnel lining, Noise pollution, Numerical study on the effect of the near pressure field around a train on the railside, Environment, Prediction model of wayside noise level of Shinkansen, Suppression of an acoustic shock wave and damping of pressure waves in a tunnel by a double array of Helmholtz resonators, Road traffic noise prediction model ASJ Model 1998 proposed by the Acoustical, Society of Japan, Final discussion


    Nawawi Chouw, Okayama University, Japan, Günther Schmid Ruhr University Bochum, Germany