1st Edition

Wave Dispersion Characteristics of Continuous Mechanical Systems‏

By Farzad Ebrahimi Copyright 2024
    540 Pages 278 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Wave Dispersion Characteristics of Continuous Mechanical Systems provides a mechanical engineering-based analysis of wave dispersion response in various structures created from different materials. Looking at materials including strengthened nanocomposites, functionally graded materials, metal foams, and anisotropic materials, it uses analytical solution methods to solve typical problems in the framework of a micromechanics approach.

    Nanocomposites are a novel type of composite materials, fabricated by dispersing nanosized reinforcements in a matrix to combine the material properties of the matrix with the improved properties of nanosized elements. This book enables readers to learn about the theory and practical applications of this rapidly evolving field. Practically minded, the book investigates the impact of employing various nanofillers and demonstrates how this augments stiffness within the nanocomposite. Topics covered include agglomeration and waviness of nanofillers, porosity, elastic mediums, fluid flow, and the impact of the thermal environment on a propagated wave. Using mathematical formulations to solve wave dispersion characteristics of structures including beams, plates, and shells, the book obtains equations of structures using first- and higher-order shear deformation theories.

    This book will be of interest to professional engineers working in material and mechanical engineering, nanocomposites, nanofillers, and micromechanics. It will also be of interest to students in these fields.

    1- Introduction to Composites and Nanocomposites
    2- Kinematic Relations for Continuous Systems
    3- Wave Dispersion Characteristics of Functionally Graded Structures
    4- Wave Dispersion Characteristics of Fluid-Conveying Structures
    5 - Wave Dispersion Characteristics of Graphene-based Structures
    6 - Wave Dispersion Characteristics of Reinforced Nanocomposites
    7 - Wave Dispersion Characteristics of Metal Foam Structures 


    Farzad Ebrahimi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IKIU, Qazvin, Iran. His research interests include mechanical behaviors of Nano-Engineered Systems, mechanics of composites and nanocomposites, functionally graded materials, viscoelasticity, and smart materials and structures. Dr. Ebrahimi has authored more than 400 high-quality peer-reviewed research articles in his fields of interest. He has also edited and authored multiple books for well-known publishers. He is an Associate Editor of the journal Shock and Vibration, an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Computational Applied Mechanics, and a distinguished reviewer whose expertise helps the editors of prestigious journals judge research articles.